Thursday, October 30, 2008

Return To The 8th Century

Vault-Co predicts that personal security in the 21st century will be inferior to security that was common under the medieval feudal system. Most people's chances of dying violently at the hands of others will be greater than any time since immediately after the collapse of Rome as a world power.


Justin Patrick said...

I'm curious, if all this happens that you predict, who will your children marry?

Also, what do you expect the world to be like once you decide it is safe to leave your vault?

Texas Arcane said...

What's that got to do with anything?

You make it sound like our survival is so guaranteed we can afford a leisurely and indulgent series of deliberations about whether or not we will feel the postwar world is convenient for us.

I expect the world will be the same way it has for 90% of mankind's history - savage, brutal and tough. Funny thing is, with 70,000 years of survival genes in my cells, that doesn't actually seem relevant to me at present. I'll worry about the day of which the evil therein is sufficient as scripture advises very, very wisely.

Sometimes you hear people talk this way on postapocalyptic boards and it sounds like they are not really tuned into the reality of the world right now. They apparently still imagine this all to be some kind of made-for-TV documentary they are in.

There's also a neverending unhealthy obsession with my wife and children. They seem to always be on other people's minds. That's creepy and weird. Oddly enough, I have never given a thought to your wife and children at all. Maybe you should tend to your own business and let me worry about mine.

So, you must be so well prepped at this point and confident of surviving a nuclear winter you've now entered the postwar planning phase and are mentally rebuilding society. I'm sorry, I guess I cannot keep up with you. I'm still stuck in the present trying to get ready for what the news headlines tell me every single night is on my way. I can't really picture long extravagant movies with me as the star and exotic actors in thongs and hockey masks on high performance motor cars. Too busy preparing for the real thing.

Justin Patrick said...

As always thank you for your response and I'm sorry for intruding in your personal life.

I have a lot to work on, you're right. Thank you for your constancy. I appreciate the way this blog is written and your manner of writing as a way of getting information out.

Anonymous said...

Interesting link their Tex. The security forces are usually the last to feel the economic pain. I guess the "leaders" in that area don't know the first rule of ruling?