Friday, October 31, 2008

Polygamy Case A Blowout

500 crying children ripped out of their parents bleeding hands at gunpoint and strapped in front of interracial porno with their eyelids stapled open, supposedly due to suspicions about 6 men who were not originally listed on the warrant. Let's hope these children recover from their encounter with the benevolent government and the swinger hippie pedophiles the feds put these poor virtuous christian children in the custody of.

Like everything in the U.S. now, a total free-for-all police state serving up massive anarchy around the clock.

Authority figures can do whatever they want, wherever they want anyway they want to anybody in Amerikwa and the whole idea of accountability has gone right out the window with the Bill of Rights. There is no law and no accountability for anything. It's the law of tooth and claw, the same one the beasts follow in the jungle.

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Anonymous said...

Yet a sect marrying off their children to creepy older guys is a-okay? Polygamy has nothing to do with freedom or with God's words. It's just the perversions of a bunch of sick twisted heathens/pedophiles.