Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Is An Insane Globowarmthinker

This pinhead will have the population of the West living in mud huts and banning the use of open fires for cooking by the end of his first term.

The nuts with control over the asylum try to discredit the doctors they are holding captive.

Somebody needs to tell the Northern Hemisphere it's warming

Glaciers refusing to cooporate with human social consensus

The human race is not just a bunch of illiterate morons. They're vulgar, brutish, pretentious and reprehensible morons. They have no redeeming qualities.

Remember, an average IQ of 97 in America means more than half the population falls below that. To put that in perspective, Koko the Sign Language Gorilla scored 91 on that exact same test under clinical supervision. We're talking about Zimbabwe-style savages, little more than beasts that can walk on their hind legs and utter a few humanish sounding words. Such critters are easy prey for any authority figures and the money it takes to engineer consensus on "scienmajifikal" subjects.

One thing that has emerged from all this for me is a permanent and lasting mistrust of all science of any kind, not just the newly birthed fey environmentalism. It is obvious to me that science is as malleable as the pundits at Fox News and they can be squeezed to endorse anything when their paychecks are held back. For this reason I will be cynical about mainstream modern "science" for the rest of my life.

After a while Tex gave up on logic and reason and simply told the others that he had a magic climate familiar named Twinkie he could speak to who told him the planet was cooling and headed for another Ice Age.


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Have you listened to Michael Bunker?,%20Part%201.mp3


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Speaking of science and culture... Have you heard of Wim Rietdijk, author of "The Scientifization of Culture"? I recommend reading his "Rietdijk in eight pages":