Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mainstream Concedes:Mass Extinction Cycle

... then they attempt to link it with human activities and "climate change." (Notice how lately they have stopped calling it "global warming" for fear of being thought ridiculous)

As Vault-Co has been telling you since our first post about this subject in 2002 ... this is some kind of mass extinction cycle beginning right now. We're not sure of all the mechanics involved or exactly how these things are conducted. We do know it is perfectly natural and an innate part of the self-rinsing cycle of life on Earth, all orchestrated by the Sun at the center of our solar system.

We knew about the jellyfish swarms and the anaerobic oceans before almost everybody else once we had heard about the acidification of the oceans. The fossil record shows it always begins in the seas first this way before spreading to the land. We also knew early on that the acidification of the oceans was caused by undersea volcanism and had nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Look back over ten years and ask yourself, who has the better batting average? We don't always get it right and we've pitched a few foul balls. Who else have you ever heard on the televitz device who can sink a basket from the other side of the court with nothing but air, months or years in advance?


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Claiming to have pitched a FEW faulty balls is pushing it a bit.

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