Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leftists Murder People. Lots and Lots of people.

You know those people who are always talking about community, consensus, tolerance, compassion, sew-sigh-etty, finding new sexual norms, breaking down barriers, discovering our identities, bending art barriers, advancing progressively and moving forward on this magnificent journey we're all on to a higher level of "spirituality?"

Well, fifty years ago people like that used to be called schizophrenics. According to bad old evil politically incorrect psychiatry in the fifties before it got revised, schizophrenics always deteriorate into worse mindframes with time and invariably become psychotics at some point.

If you know what ideologies people subscribe to, hard scientific statistics say you know how likely they are to murder somebody else for very thin reasons during their lifetime.

The same people who insist conservatives and people who try to preserve the existing system are somehow "evil" are in fact themselves ... wait for it ... extremely vicious and destructive people who would probably like to stab somebody, anybody, about 200+ times when they feel like it. Not "verbally"you understand. As in real kitchen knives. The Left is all about never having to say you are sorry. You can do that if you are born without a conscience. The Left is so inhuman they realized they would have to seize control of the Right in order to blame their crimes on their opponents.

All fruits are leftists, all leftists are fruits

The facts are, leftists are murderers like their father Satan in hell.

What would you expect from people who believe baby-chopping is all about a "woman's right to choose?" Choose what, savage in-vitro sausage making? What kind of neurological misfire are we talking about where a person could shift the horror of late-term hookwire into a "human" rights issue? Bothered much when the fetus emerges breathing and with it's eyes open as you are dragging out it's viscera with a meathook? I think something upstairs is not quite turning over correctly for you if so.


Justin Patrick said...

I thought this article described well the psychological dyanmics between Obama and his supporters:

"Here’s where it gets more frightening. Fascisms happen because people begin by projecting their own fears, hope and desires on the Maximum Leader, and end by submerging themselves in the Leader’s will. Neither George Bush nor John McCain has ever inspired this kind of response. But Barack Obama…does. More effectively than any American politician in my lifetime. And that is a frightening thing to see."

Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible incoherent rant on a silly subject. All ideologies (left and right)and religions have shed blood like there is no tomorrow. Thinking that your idea on how life should be is better than someone else's is how it all begins.

Justin Patrick said...

I think you'll like it.

Texas Arcane said...

Got that whole situational ethics egalitarian postmodernist thing going on, Anon? Like menthol gravy for the brain, nepenthe, the absence of anything. The cool assurances of the moral vaccuum. It's so much easier than being an actual human. Just let the brainwashing roll over you like a warm tide sweeping away your mind. Ahhhhhhh ... much better.

Did you read my post last week by the Russian defector who bragged that when they were done with their work the average American would be unable to even comprehend what was wrong with him?

Anonymous said...

And I assume you know the truth?

trueaim said...

Pagans used to kill theie babies chop them up then add them to the mortar when they built a new house, it was for good luck, to appease the gods of the land. This in essence what young women do today they abort their babies so that they can obtain material wealth, a better job, a car, a house, but not even because its all debt so, its all s that one can aquire for debt! 'your to young to have a baby, it will disadvantage your debt', its the same thing but worse and it stinks to the nostrils of God!, and He is a Jealous God set on revenge as we all just sink to new lows of depravity the sword is just poised above our heads, what is He waiting for?

Anonymous said...

To follow up on that thing about transsexuals in Iran, check this out:

Texas Arcane said...

Passing your children through the fire to Moloch is what all nations do when they have been captured by Satan.

They are all made to believe they have their reasons, but in the end they just burn fetuses as sacrifices to hell, whatever they are fooled into thinking is their "motivation." As if anybody sane would do such a thing.