Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laws Against Thinking Certain Things

I don't agree with much of Toben. I've read his site and I don't know if I think much of what he says has any merit. He seemed to be a one-trick pony. After you've read a couple of the articles there isn't much more to see after that.

It is absolute lunacy to begin extraditing people for thought crimes.

The world is really losing it's mind. No kidding. I'm not exaggerating. The world is honest-to-god losing it's mind. It's hard to tell catastrophically stupid apart from nuts but I think they went past stupid recently and the only way to explain the resulting chaos is to conclude they are stupid in addition to nuts.

Ted Pike on the absurdity of the situation

Speaking as an "atheist," to let you know I do that better than most of the people you know as well, I would have to say in a secular sense that the single most important intellectual vaccination you can get is Christianity. It will protect you against a whole range of common insanity that spreads through infective memes. The State and it's crazy self-referential themes have no boundaries historically and they don't bounce off the safety bumpers at any point. Their own wandering paradigm of right and wrong is so widely variant from one minute to the next it will never provide you any insurance against the madness of crowds.

Krisschans themselves are often guilty of the same situational ethics as the rest of the asylum

Although in all fairness, it is less a reflection on Christians than the universal standard of stupidity now becoming ubiquitous amongst the populations of the West. Some of the wild descriptions you hear of what their "rights" entail nowadays sound like deleted scenes from "Idiocracy."

The thing about it is that it has crept up so stealthily on the West it's like you just woke up one morning and realized that the majority of the people around you read and write at a third grade level and just are not all there upstairs. If you blinked you would have missed it.

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Anonymous said...

Since Christianity/Zionism biBull Bangers are the current "infective meme" infecting America, one wonders if you're scratching your head in the right spot...

Vaccination, indeed. With a bit of "Palin Preservative" in it.