Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Last Trumpet

Just read it.

I know there are plenty of secular humanists and atheists who frequent the board. I used to be one of you.

Read this and just open your mind.

Accept that perhaps there is another level to reality which our puny six senses can't penetrate.

We inhabit a living sea of energy, radiation, fields and interactive atomic forces of which we perceive a spectrum so narrow it could be compared with legal blindness.

What is happening there all around us where we cannot see? It's too deep to fathom. What could move in that void? The physicists tell us our own paradigm depends mostly on empty space for everything. Is that space really empty? Or is there something there ... something we cannot see but which can easily watch us?

Are we really the masters of the universe or players in some complexity which our miniscule monkey brains could never hope to comprehend?

All that Christ asks of us is genuine repentance and a sincere reform. There's not much else to it, despite what you have been told. There are ten commandments, you try to keep them and mean it and really it's not much more difficult than that. You keep them because you recognize you're unworthy of the gift that Jesus Christ gave us all. You want to do better and you see that there is much you have done that was wrong or what you would not do were you better. Don't allow anyone to mislead you with unsound doctrine - that's really all there is to it. It's enough for mankind given our nature.


Anonymous said...

Here's a guy who has it figured out -

Anonymous said...

"Accept that perhaps there is another level to reality which our puny six senses can't penetrate.
If you didnt mention christ I'd swear I was reading a post on some new age blog.

Another layer of reality? Sure, seems plausible to me. But if I cant penetrate it and you cant then how do you know that other level of reality is 'god'? Must be 'faith' I guess.

The article you posted offered no insight. Just the usual cocktail of conspiracies and scripture. Calling the Olympics and the Iphone satanic made me laugh though.

Every endtime prophecy ever done in recorded history has not come true. Neither will this one.


andyboots37 said...

Kudoz Tex!

Until a man changes his mind about the world and his natural-born state of rebellion toward God he is utterly hopeless--and the eggtimer is down to it's final grains. So many are playing russian roulette with eternity.

Receive salvation by accepting the Biblical resurrected Christ.

That's it! He'll do the transforming too.

What do you think Jesus meant when he said "Even if you look at a woman lustfully you have committed adultery". Do you think He was directing your quest for righteousness to the 10 commandments, morals, nice behaviours, etc.


Do you think maybe He was using the law to show you how far you fall short? "What is impossible for man is possible with God".

Do you think maybe the function of the law is to usher you to Him?

After that you're dead to the law, Romans 10:4, moreover, if you're still looking to the law to make you OK with God (righteous) you're under a curse and you are giving sin MORE power 1 Cor 15:56.

See Romans 7 to identify with Paul (a common post-salvation experience for the believer).

Colossians 1:27 How sweet the Savior truly is. God's love is unconditional and eternal.

Like Tex said, don't miss it!!!


Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

a largely factual site. some non-believers are in for an upset. these things wear people like i would wear a coat. haters of life and bloodless,dry.

Justin Patrick said...

Did you see the Obamamercial?

I read about it, and saw segments of it. McCain's bad, no doubt, but Obama's trying to build a cult of personality, which makes him scarier.

Also, there was a video of a group of youths singing the praises of Obama:

And a march:

Here is Obama talking of creating a security force with as much power as the military:

I wonder if that force will be ideologically vetted.

Anyway, this election is set up so poorly I have abstained from it and recommend that anyone does the same. If you have local ballot measures (like I did) or local candidates that you like or someone like Ron Paul to vote for, then do it, but you don't have to vote in every election on the ballot. I think it would be good to abstain from the presidential election this season, unless by chance you are chosen as an elector. If you are an elector, vote for your grandpappy or something.

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