Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'Kwa Formally Assumes Third World Hellhole Status

Now it's a pile-on to see how quickly the smoking rubble of the U.S. can be blended into the North American Union and the Amero can replace failed ZOGBux.

Other nations are beginning to feel so much contempt they openly talk about the 'Kwa the way you would speak about a summer camp for retarded children.

Read this article. Can you hear the war drums a'beatin'? Think the 'Kwa will sally off to giggles and sniggering as they fade into the sunset?

Klowns serving as Komic Relief for Kannibal Kults and Krazy Krackpot Regimes

Mexamerikwan union will follow severe depression

Next three years will see 50% increase in Russian military spending (PACK IT!)

South Korea jettisons U.S. ties for Russian fold of friends

S. Korea can smell the death on the rotten corpse of the Kwa

Sunshine friends drop you when you got no money, Kwanzans.

Russia now becoming good friends with Japanese Navy

No better time to prepare to nuke the West into radioactive gravy

All of this is nothing but prologue to derivatives.


CadorBolin said...

The mexikwans are jumping off like rats from a sinking ship:

One thing to consider about this bailout is that foreign banks will also be getting this money. They're trying to prop up the kwa's zogbux.

Anonymous said...

You're so desperate to trash America your now studying the Russian press for stories!

America is facing huge problems, but that's no excuse for sloppy blogging. Do you have the slightest idea what a creatable news source is?

Significantman said...

creatable? able to be created maybe?. that would cover most media.

if bloggers around the world could see this coming years back, then i'd wager that the outcomes have already been gamed, and the whole show is just another controlled demolition. guaranteed the real money has already bailed.

Anonymous said...

"Do you have the slightest idea what a creatable news source is?"

The word is "credible" and spelling errors do very little for ones credibility ;-P

Texas Arcane said...

We're getting a lot of visitors from the Codex posting here randomly.

Not exactly the brightest bulbs on the tree.