Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Kwa Is Headed Out Like Imperial Rome

Once considered to be a nation of godfearing and virtuous Christians, today they are regarded as the direct servants of Satan himself by most civilized people throughout the world. This is a nation of people so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. Everything they say is a lie and some sort of spin away from truth.

AISSS : Auto-Immune Sociopath Susceptibility Syndrome.

The thing is, once a sociopath occupies an institution, psychologists have determined they will join into subverbal pacts to hoist one another up into the command structure and will silently force out the sincere wherever they are found. It really is like an invasion of reptilian shapeshifters. Their brains are more reptilian than mammalian, they communicate with one another subliminally and they are neither sane nor to be reasoned with. They will tell you whatever you want to hear and use a thousand different manipulative mechanisms to get you to relax while they steal everything not tied down.

Do you want to hear everything is okay? Well then, everything is okay.

Do you want to hear the bridge has been inspected and it is doing fine? Okay, the bridge was inspected and it is doing fine.

What about derivatives? Aren't they like ... crazy and inexplicable? No, they are a perfectly secure form of investment and we should put the entire sum of our national wealth into them.

They have just pulled off a silent coup and successfully concluded the most brazen Ponzi scheme in world history. They even got the rubes to pay for the losses incurred by their investors and have made off scot-free without so much as a mark on them.

People worldwide are starting to wake up to a very important idea and a grand unifying theory that explains the origins of the deaths of all civilizations. An epidemic of sociopaths.


Alexander Supertramp said...

The whole of Western civilisation is just rotten to the core. 'Men' will soon be ridiculed for not wearing pantyhose:,23739,24498001-23272,00.html

Anonymous said...

alexander, if pantyhose were good enough for robin hood...