Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is Obama The WWIII President?

Are they going to withdraw from Iraq and escalate the silent war in Afghanistan until China and Russia are involved? That seems to be Obama's intention once he is in office.

If the sheeple are placated by a withdrawal from Iraq followed by a massive surge in Afganistan while they're still beaming, the world could be in the middle of WW3 before they even realize there is a problem. At present the war waging in Afghanistan is scarcely even reported by any of the mass media outlets.


Anonymous said...

Russia involving themselves in Afghanistan? Don't be silly.

Anonymous said...

1st order will be to place all radical friends in position. Then a movement to destroy Issrael. Next will be genocide of the white antichrist than ran th old USA. Then there will be a wild crazy country with Nukes. Look out world. These times almost look like a play from a book I read about 1927 to 1932 for Hitler.
That will never happen again and anything is better than Pres Bush, Right?