Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?

I don't have an iron in this fire. I can't stand McCain. I don't care who gets elected.

I don't think the world has seen this kind of messianic fervor since the Dark Ages and various poseurs wandered around Europe declaring themselves the Christ.

Obama is not the Messiah. Judging from human history, almost all messianic movements and utopian sects tend to end in rivers of blood.

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

You can see how pagan and apostate that most "Krisschans" are in the U.S. that they don't know any better. If you don't know scripture any better than that, you will fall prey to doctrines of devils and fables of men.


Anonymous said...

Anti-christs so far: Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, about every damn pope ever, Napoleon, the Dai Lama, Elmo, the Cookie Monster and Im sure somebody out there considered Ghandi to be the embodiment of satanic evil.

Call me strange but somehow Im not worried Obama will start the battle at Armageddon.


significantman said...

from what i've seen these last few years obama may well be the antichrist, set to reign triumphant over endless suffering and loss. i was never a fan of bush and had many unflattering things to say about him in the past, but lately i've had a conclusion of sorts- i now suspect the soul in bush has been hand selected from the ranks of the damned by god and sent to america as a warning, a last chance for the people to reject everything it stands for and purge this filth and all who enable it. bush may well speak to god (as an employee might) and it may be the one thing it told the truth about.

it seems reasonable to me that what follows the bush disaster will no longer need to walk softly and speak in whispers, it should now be emboldened to declare itself.

Texas Arcane said...

That makes sense, RZero, because scripture says there are many anti-christs. They represent something that is the opposite of Christ.

Anonymous said...

To me the bible has only some historical value, with revelations clearly describing the roman empire and ceasar. You wondered if he was THE antichrist which I believe he is not.

What exactly has obama done, or plans to do that is anti-christian?

I hope he wins. America would implode under Obama.

McCain would drag the rest of the world with him into the abyss.


Anonymous said...

More evango-xtian magical thinking. Taking more cues from the Bush?

Maybe god will start talking directly to you too.

Then you'd know fer shure.

Anonymous said...

Rzero, you're an antichrist. hehe.

I generally steer away from signs and labels regarding prophecy about the end of the world. There have been too many times the moon was blood red from smoke, the sun blotted out by volcanic ash, wars, pestilences, famines, droughts, there have been at least a hundred times since Christ's murder, when all the 'signs' would have appeared to be all lined up and ripe for the rapture.

Essentially, every generation sees several antichrists, and other signs. The book of Revelations might as well have said 'The earth will end on a day that the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west.'

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...

Is this a Jerry Falwell/Bob Jones/Pat Robertson production?

Anonymous said...

I'm the antichrist? Did my tail and horns give it away? :D


Alex S said...

The frightening thing about Obama is that he has always seemed absolutely convinced that he he will be President and yet he never says anything of substance. It's like he has made some sort of deal or knows something the rest of us don't. And that stunt at the wailing wall had to have been staged. Add a world going down the toilet, world leaders making sweeping changes to their economies basically overnight,ignoring their legislatures or threatening them if they don't comply, and demanding that someone save us all from our greed and ignorance. I can absolutely guarantee that when Obama gets elected he will start wanting to secularise the world to get rid of the evils of religion and pretend that so called fundamentalism (read "beliefs in basic human values")is the root of all evil. I hear he has been dating Richard Dawkins for years. There is something about this man that is distrurbing, try watching him on the TV with the sound down. His eyes never smile.