Friday, October 24, 2008

Final Hour For The 'Kwa : Obama's Maoist Revolution Of Fire and Blood

Who is Barack Obama? Who was his mother? Who was his father?

What is this guy? Who is he? Was he even born in the U.S.?

Nothing like what you have been taught to believe by the televitz.

John Birch was right, about everything.


Solsys said...

Nah, there won't be a revolution if these thingsa re around ...

Anonymous said...

That first article you linked is just slander. Not much more than badly written propaganda. The youtube is rather interesting in showing us that people that strive really fanatically for some form of a utopia are generally the most destructive and dangerous. It however has got nothing to do with Obama. I'm sorry Tex, I really expect something better from you.

A thousand good intentions

Justin Patrick said...