Monday, October 6, 2008

Fiat Currency Collapse Now Going Worldwide!!

...I T Z...C O M I N G!...

Remember the coming globalist paradise? I do. We were promised an economic utopia. All those "interconnected economies" are now like sailors shipwrecked and chained to one another going overboard. Isn't centralization exactly what was wrong with communism? Isn't "globalism" just a new shiny smear of cheap paint on top of old school failed Marxist doctrines?

UK Indices plunging across the board

Rush on Banks in Iceland

The European Union disintegrates

Europe Will Soon Be The World's Largest Multikult Death Cage

Worst case scenario for credit crisis now a given

Pork Barreling Idiocy Designed To Pull It All Down

How many other nations like the United States will avidly roll over like dogs and surrender their futures to absolute bolshevist dictatorships like that established by Paulson in the hopes that somebody, somehow will solve the "problem?" I predict all of them will.

The derivatives market is now ready to go supernova - the world economy will be vaporized

Fed pouring a river of worthless green paper at the bonfire

Total meltdown!!

Paul Roberts : Commies cause chaos, free markets are blamed for bolshevist crashes

Your host Tex will try to remain at his station sending out bulletins until our topside transmitter is destroyed by flesh-eating mutants before he goes into the vault. I can't promise anything, if it starts to look too hairy I may pull the plug on the spot and beat a strategic retreat.


Alexander Supertramp said...

Oh man this is a side splitter. Let's buy trillions of dollars worth of useless, toxic assets to SAVE the financial system. Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry stares off into the distance whispering "We have to sleep together to SAVE the relationship...."? I know what comes next. We have to nuke Ireland to destroy all their banks so our companies wont be able to transfer their money there! I love that line about the UK government claiming there is an "implicit" guarantee on bank deposits, they just don't want to say it aloud in case it scares people. I think the UK government should imprison all those dangerous reactionaries who actually still have money in the bank, that way they wont have to make good on that implicit guarantee. Deer in the headlights.

Rzero said...

Game over folks. Pull your money out of the banks and stock up on food.


CadorBolin said...

You will be burned for witchcraft if you keep this up ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the economic, geopolitical, scientific and survivalist issues you have been talking about over the years. Be well and best wishes.

andyboots37 said...

Alas, the captone settles upon the base.

Did someone say "order out of chaos?"

Senior even had the BC owl on his ballcap the other day. As subtle as a close-up of Marty Feldman winking on a drive-in theatre screen.

A little surreal to be presently experiencing a milleniums-long prophecy. The Bible truly is truth.

And me without a vault.............yikes.

Guess I am putting the whole stack of chips on sweet Jesus.

God Bless