Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evil Capitalists Shrink Heliosphere With Greed

Robert Felix at IceAgeNow has a new book out, it's basically about this. I highly recommend the latest book from Felix, it's even better than the original paradigm breaker on that site.

All of this, including the cycles of the Ice Ages and climate, are all related to our passage through the galactic plane. The whole story is consistent and coherent throughout and it basically solves about half the biggest problems we know about in anthropology, evolution and paleoclimatology.

Robert Felix is due a Nobel Prize in there somewhere. I don't think he'll get one, however. Somebody in the mainstream will rip off his book, rewrite it so it's sheeple-friendly and easier on the human-lite intellect and immediately be hailed a genius.


Anonymous said...

Now this news about the helioscope is a good cause to start digging. Fuck thermonuclear war, say hello to deadly radiation from out of space.

Justin Patrick said...

Another good thread on the Free Republic that mostly matches what you've been saying:

Anonymous said...

I ordered the book about 2 weeks ago and haven't seen it yet. Anyone else experiencing a delay?

Anonymous said...

Reputable link to global cooling