Friday, October 3, 2008

EMP Burst Alone = Back to 17th Century

Describes the vulnerability of the United States to high altitude EMP burst, considered opening strategy of any nuclear war.

If you'll read closely, you'll realize that this is the aspect the author chooses to write about, as if it were the most to be feared. In fact, it's a form of digression and displacement to avoid talking about nuclear war.

This guy says that knocking out ATM machines is a big worry. I think he is ignoring (as humans often do) the fact that knocking out the humans who use the ATM machines could also be a thorny dilemma.

Modern people are too neurotic to think seriously about serious things. They're childlike and like children they need to repress or deny experiences and contemplations that are too disturbing for them. This generation is simply not equipped to furrow brows and analyze the necessary steps required to defend their nations against nuclear war.

They are people of poor character and weak minds. It's easy to understand, which explains why they always want to obfuscate it. No warriors to be found slumbering in this lot.


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Anonymous said...

Civil Defense is verboten. Duck and Cover is "tin-foil hat." Most people under 40 don't even know what fallout is nowadays. Ignorance is bliss, until it kills you.

Justin Patrick said...

Was this Tex in disguise?

"The exemplar of the modern male is the hairless, metrosexualised man and decorator boys who turn heter-osexual slobs into perfumed ponies. All of which is fine as long as we can dwell happily in the Kingdom of Starbucks, munching our biscotti and debating whether nature or nurture determines gender identity. But in the dangerous world in which we really live, it might be nice to have a few guys around who aren’t trying to juggle pedicures and highlights."

Anonymous said...

Here's a post-modern zen riddle for you "If EMP knocks out the ATM's but no one's alive to use them, does it still constitute a problem?"