Monday, October 27, 2008

Dirty, Filthy, Thieving Creepy Marxist Scumbag

What happens when the perfect economic storm meets the ultimate low standard in leadership?

Amerikwa is about to find out.

I don't support McCain. John McCain is a filthy, dirty lying neoconservative scumbag.

Let's add war on three fronts to this mix.

I hate Obalmy the Commie. Amongst other reasons, he's a disingenuous, creepy, slurring solipsist crypto-commie compulsive liar. He says one thing, tells himself some other story and actually means something contrary to both. A child of the devil and nothing less. He represents a failure of the rule of law and a radical slide into the substandard garbage they call government in the third world, where nobody is ever allowed to succeed at anything that they are not ripped off blind.

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