Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Depression = Famine = Disease = War

Hear the hoofbeats? That's four horsemen.

Russia tests air raid sirens for first time since WW2

Amerikwans Stocking up for financial apocalypse

Who has been killing flu researchers for eight years? Microbiology has become a more dangerous profession than drug dealing or patrol duty in Iraq.

Preparing for martial law in Amerikwa

... with the help of false flag attacks to justify the response


CadorBolin said...

The bailout is basically a desperation attempt at propping up the Zogbux so that China doesn't dump it:

``We are in the same boat, we must cooperate,'' Yu said in an interview in Beijing on Sept. 23. ``If there's no selling in a panicked way, then China willingly can continue to provide our financial support by continuing to hold U.S. assets.''

The average 'kwan today will not make it through this economic collapse. Unlike the 1930s, the US is one big 'rainbow stew' with several ethnic groups who only pretend to get along when the times are good. Multiculturalism can only function in a cornucopian society where everyone is well-off.

Anonymous said...

Alex said...

My wife has relatives in the UK. Their bank has been bought out and their retirement savings have been a,most halved. We finally convinced them to buy some gold and they went to four gold dealers in 2 towns. All four dealers said that they had sold out of all gold coins and bars and that they couldn't get any new stock. One dealer said he was expecting all gold sales to be taken over by the government and he was getting out of the business. All he had was silver coins and some silver ingots.

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