Monday, October 27, 2008

Communism doesn't work

You can try changing the name to socialism or the third way or you could call it expresso corn dip.

It doesn't matter. Communism doesn't work. It will never work. It has never worked before. It will not work in the future. If only wishes were fishes. It doesn't work because it is stupid, pretentious and contrived baloney that only seems like a good idea to fifth rate minds and college edjumifacated types.


bobby horowitz said...

We get it, you don't like reds... no need to repeat it every day

Anonymous said...

He's right, I'm college edjumifacated, and I thought (at ome time) it could work. Well, it looks good on paper, but there are alot of problems with communism; I don't want to kill any cyber trees explaining all the problems, I think Tex got it all in one paragraph.