Monday, October 20, 2008

Communism Characterizes Average IQ < 100

When native intelligence drops, everybody thinks you can bake more bread than you can eat.

Graduated tax systems that punish those who achieve more are favored by biologically inferior people and nations. In the third world, communism usually proceeds until it has completely destroyed all existing institutions.

The reality is, stupid people are envious of what they can never be and never have. The net result is that everybody has less. They'd rather pull other crabs back into the box when they try to climb out.

Sociopaths use class war to increase their own power and control until they achieve a total dictatorship. The common oaf is just glad nobody will ever get ahead.


Anonymous said...

* Buy a farm, and look "poor."
* Buy silver/gold to carry wealth through the troubles.
* Build a fallout shelter to carry your body/family through the troubles.
* Be prepared to re-institute debt indenturement. They'll be grateful. Your silver/gold for their life.
* Know and practice multiple skills.
* Hire a blacksmith. For collars and such.

Thus is a solution for those who wish to prosper.

Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

I really liked this commentary, Tex. Sometimes you rant, sometimes you go off on uninterestning tangeants. But then, like today, sometimes you post something that is so pointed and brutally truthful, it's really a shame your words don't get more exposure to the masses.

Justin Patrick said...

This is the Free Republic, but they're usually pretty good about this.

There is a possibility that Obama may not qualify for the Presidency, because he may have been born in Kenya as opposed to Hawaii. If, after the electors receive their certificates of ascertainment, but before the electors vote, and if Obama won a majority of the electoral college, it is revealed that Obama does not meet the qualifications for the Presidency, things will get very interesting.