Tuesday, October 14, 2008

America Is Irrevocably Doomed

Good introductory guide to the 'Kwan dilemma.

They are screwed coming and going. Nobody but Jesus can save them now and he isn't returning their calls.

To describe their fortunes as plummeting by the hour is a severe understatement.

Vault-Co predicts:

1. Civil war begins in mid 2009 in the form of revolutionary riots and uprisings.
2. Another front opened by late 2009 against another enemy in a desperate attempt to whip up a war economy, but it merely escalates the decline.
3. Total collapse of the dollar, hyperinflation and absolute finale economically arrives in early 2010.


significantman said...

population bubble next to burst. problem this large needs matching war to remedy, it's locked in. too late to light a fire under the tar pot and pluck the chickens.

Anonymous said...

Civil war in 2009 is the new starvation of 2008?

CadorBolin said...

I was just thinking about John Titor, the internet hoax--you know, he may have just been off by 4 years. In fact, almost everything he says makes sense once you offset the dates by that many years.

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