Sunday, October 5, 2008

Acid Seas = CO2 Bubbling From Bottom

This is an excellent IQ test to separate bright from pretend-Oprah-bright.

Read this article. What is really being said here?

The author attempts to drag "global warming" into a purely natural phenomenon.

Is there any connection? Is the article contrived from several facts together with some assertions that are not actual corollaries of what is being said? What in this article is true and what is being assumed without any real connection to what is being talked about?

The article verifies what we have been telling you for ten years on Vault-Co. Carbon dioxide and other gases bubbling up from the ocean floor cause acidification of the oceans.

Where is any evidence of any kind that the oceans can absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, have it sink down to the bottom and then bubble up as a gas? By the same token, where is the evidence for BigFoot, UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster? Is the article really taking two completely separate assertions and trying to draw an inference between them for political reasons?

Isn't that a pretty big lie going on right there? What would be the author's motivation to mislead in that fashion?

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