Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Scream, I Scream, We ALL Scream For Ice Cream

If any of the globo-warmthinkers were actually bright enough to understand what a second Ice Age means to the seven billion people on this planet, they would spontaneously crap down their own legs in raw terror.

I have been trying to explain to people for ten years the Earth is not a greenhouse

Alaskan summer never made an appearance

Palin got her family out just in time for warmer climes.

UPDATE : Rise of the DRUIDS! What's next, juries giving the thumbs up to human sacrifice?


Solsys said...

I'm going to post this here, for lack of a better suited article.

Remember 2005 ? Everybody was dead certain there would be an attack on Iran (leading to global war), and then, wouldn't you know, a deadly hurricane came straight into a major US city.

2008 : still talking about an attack on Iran, or really just about global war right now, and wouldn't you know, just a couple of weeks after some half-baked war thingie in the Caucasus that pissed Russians way off, one hurricane goes to New Orleans (again) and another one is going straight for Houston.

One time is a coincidence, three times, well one might start and looking for alternative explanations.

My take is that Russians have some some of space-based weapon, that would reflect solar heat (but not light, I think, hence it would be harder to spot) and can create/inflate hurricanes with it, as well as direct them, tipping at the edge of it just like it would be a spinning wheel.

It could be an ecological way to send "messages" to the other side. Of course it works only in hurricane territory, but then again it's not so bad : oil infrastructure, Sun Belt etc.

You may think I'm in Vault-Co territory here (well I am, as a matter of fact) but there's no way I'm going to believe that hurricanes just happen to create maximum damage on major cities just per concidence.

Anonymous said...

Solsys, that's so cool!

Texas Arcane said...

It's the hurricane season and the Sun hasn't had any sunspots this year. You cut with a very dull Ockham's Razor indeed.

The last time Galveston was flooded, was that the Russian's fault as well?

Failing to see the natural causes here means failing to be able see what is actually going on. Blaming the Russians for James Bond Villain style weapons is digression off topic. You could not actually be further away from understanding what you are seeing.

Anonymous said...

Tex has never, ever, ever posted any sort of belief in weather machines on this blog. Ever, ever. Say what you want about Tex but most of his ideas are not commonplace and sure are not usual conspiracy stuff. Tex has his own planet and does not get his material elsewhere its original.

Solsys said...

The last time Galveston was flooded, was that the Russian's fault as well?

A lot of places got flooded over the years / decades / centuries in that area.

Two hurricanes with considerable strength aiming accurately at major cities, and all within two weeks is a bit too weird for my liking.

Just look at the path of Ike, it went straight to Houson once it left Cuba.

Regarding Jamesbondian technology, people 100 years ago used to call it Julesvernian, but eventually it did exist. Of course I can't prove anything at all (could anybody ?), it's just something I heavily suspect.