Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whiteys in The Kwan : Sort Of Pathetic and Sad

Biden hasn't been sober in twenty years.

I can't believe anybody would select this idiot for his running mate. It's the first major decision in his life he's ever had to make and Obama stuffed it up in a major way, which is pretty much what you can expect for each decision he will ever make. This is why I am rooting for him to get elected, because I know this guy will be like a one-man commie demolition crew going through what's left of Kwanzania.

There are white guys in the U.S. who are not ridiculous clowns, but they don't permit them on the televitz if they can help it.


CadorBolin said...

The shrill, vicious media attacks against Sarah Palin regarding a personal family matter almost make me sympathetic enough to support McCain. I might just vote that ticket because it pisses off the left so much. She does throw a monkey wrench into the whole "Liberals are cool, Obama is good-looking and white conservatives are social rejects" script/meme.

In my bizarro world where only men vote and women are the only ones to hold public office, I'd imagine that we'd see a lot more leaders like Sarah Palin--great appearance and holding photo-ops while holding a rifle.

But alas, a Democratic congressman went frothing at the mouth accusing her of being a rabid anti-semite because of a lack of past statements in support of Israel in the public record and that she allegedly voted for Pat Buchanan. Already she is being put through the semitically correct re-education grinder so that she can fit in to the CFR club for the elites.

I hold no illusions that the kwa is worth saving. The tyranny of jewish political correctness guarantees that the candidates on the ballot are all beholden to extreme multiculturalism and one-sided foreign policy in favor of Israel.

Alex S said...

Here is an even more revealing insight into the keen, analytical mind of the good Senator (check out the second video):