Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is a "client" under Citrix Metaframe?

Basically, anything that runs on x86 hardware is a client or can be made into a client in approximately five minutes with their client installer packages. Very few of the devices pictured above cost me more than $10.00 to build or buy. At least half the devices pictured above will run the basic Vault-OS kernel inside Citrix or else on simple x86 hardware connected or not to a local LAN/Ethernet. It was a very good idea I had to build the initial version of Vault-OS on IPX communication, because if I had used TCP-IP I would have had a lot of problems getting it to work on Citrix. Luckily a virtual packet driver for DOS makes everything all run together seamlessly without any headaches. So far I have crapped my pants about ten times when I realized I can turn the Citrix server on or off and not even cause a hitch in the interprocess comms between the DOS applications running on the same lines. That's just plain awesome.


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I gotta say - there must be something to this 'yellow' obsession.

I have it too. If it's in my shop and there is a way to paint it (and time to do so) it gets a nice coat of yellow paint. LOL