Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What happens during the Maunder Minimum?

Nothing like what you think.

In my experience, sometimes men say "I'm awake now. I've woken up." They never do, though. Most have just stirred in their slumber or gone from dreams to nightmares. They are never really awake, though.

This isn't a "Little Ice Age." It's something else. That's just the way people try to cope when it starts to dawn on them that billions of them don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The Maunder Minimum is the worst possible thing that could happen at the worst possible time to our little planet. It's almost enough to make you think somebody up there has it in for us.


CadorBolin said...

Could you explain how I can debunk my co-workers who are practically communist fellow travellers regarding the media reports of the arctic ice cap melting?

Anonymous said...

Ice melts from below. the geo thermal vent under the N.Polar region is the cause. Next time
the global warmthinks tell you that
the C02 has done it, remind them that GAS DOES NOT MELT ANYTHING.

Heat rises. Sorry but the truth is really 3rd grade science!

Anonymous said...

Just a question. If you folks are so all-fired certain that an ice age of epic proportions portends then... What the hell does it matter what nigger, MILF, Geriatric retard, or drunk will be elected in America?

You guys all seem to have such a hard on for America and total blinders about your own pathetic shit holes that I just started wondering why it matters.

I also started wondering how you survive under the ground with 20 feet of ice occluding all openings. It doesn't seem likely that it's all gonna melt off anytime soon so you can get out and have a looksee around.

Do you have some magic ice melting machine or has anyone thought that far ahead or...

is it just pick or choose your Armegeddon? Nuclear war, KWA meltdown, Maunder minimum. God, really?

Texas Arcane said...

Have you really given the subject much thought? No?

It seems your sneer beat your upper cortex to the mark.

Try thinking about the subject some and come back when you're sobered up.

Go and do some research on Ice ages and see what is really involved. Basically, it's more precipitation that falls as snow because the temperature is a few degrees lower on average. There have been at least 30+ of them that our ancestors lived through, so if they managed with their stone age tools I am guessing some modern people might make it as well. I would also guess it's not many, however, or else we would not have reached this level of complexity as primates. Look around you right now and imagine ten more generations of those. I'm guessing that cyclic climate change is what keeps the human gene pool pretty tightly policed on this planet.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. You won't find any regulars on this blog who give a damn who is elected in the 'Kwa. It's just sheeple like yourself in a fluster over the two fake candidates they are given to choose from.