Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weird, Scary ... True? (Update : HOAX!!)

I am not sure what all of this means. I had also heard a rumor about a mass suicide of U.S. soldiers on an Iraqi air base. We all know that Sorcha Faal is about as reliable for information as a broken Ouiji board, so take it with a grain of salt.

Pretty spooky stuff. Kind of reminds me of the soldiers in Stephen King's The Mist who go to the back of the supermarket and hang themselves because they know what is happening.

What on earth could cause more than 20 American soldiers to attempt to kill themselves en masse?

I've heard other things, too. I am not saying I believe all of this or this interpretation of what is happening. I include the links for you to read and think about for yourself. Seems like something is going on worldwide before the U.S. elections are held. Could be a gigantic disinfo campaign. Or it might be something else.

I have always held that the Apocrypha may be important, if for no other reason that they are otherwise mentioned in the Biblical canon itself.

Full weirdness and Fortean brain stretching here. This link doesn't have to be taken seriously. It won't hurt you to think about this stuff. Kinds of broadens your mind to even debunk it as you read it.

What calibre would you recommend as a good "man" stopper for Nephilim, anyhow? :)

UPDATE : See comments, this is a hoax. I had never heard of Press TV before, apparently the person who originally contacted me about this story also got his information from that same release. A keen eyed reader noticed it was otherwise unsupported and the unit apparently doesn't exist. Seriously, what would you expect from Sorcha Faal, she's like a crazy homeless lady with 200 cats riding around with her in a shopping cart.


Anonymous said...

"We all know that Sorcha Faal is about as reliable for information as a broken Ouiji board,"

LOL. So true :)

I have two theories about the suicides.

1. Bad drugs. One of them freaks out on bad acid, kills himself and the rest follows. Drug use has always been rampant in the us army. Heck in any western army.

2. They did something very VERY bad. So bad their guilt drove them into suicide. Rape, genocide etc.

Two very plausible theories that dont require Reptillian influence or NWO Illuminati death-rays :)


Anonymous said...

F***, F***, Damn them to F***

2012 is being bandied about time and time again from different sources, from different times, relating to different things but all of them BAD.

I'm a fan of 308. It's F***cked up every beast I've ever shot. I know that Hares don't like it. Giant demons? Who knows?

Rzero said...

If its organic then it burns.

Wouldnt be hard to hit a giant with a molotov.


Rzero said...

Btw here's something I think you'll like:


Anonymous said...

2012 is as far as the mayan calendar goes. There is no prediction about calamities or 'the end'... it simply stops.

So iether A: the mayans had phrophetic powers greater than jesus christ and could tell people the exact date of the end or B: the calendar simply ceases to be accurate according to the astronomical mathematics they set it up with, and we need be no more concerned than each year when our gregorian calendar expires, is no longer accurate, and must be renewed.

And try this on for size: IF the world ended in 2012, we're not talking about electricity ending, or society. We're talking about *THE* end. the sun's end. the stars end. You end. Your dog ends. The skies and earth end. So what's the point of worrying about it. It's iether nothing, or it's everything. There are no mayan prophecies of an apocalypse or dire times. It's simply, THE END.

For Nephilim, I'd be more a fan of the 45-70... Or 12ga. slugs... .308 is a deer cartridge.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Chesterton said...

It's a hoax. That article used to say the soldiers were from the 57th Airborne Division. Look here for a repost of the original:

They changed 57th Airborne division to "Sixteen US troops from the a unit of the Airborne Division have..."

Problem is, there is no 'a' unit and there is no 57th Airborne Division. It's also difficult to believe that Press TV, whatever the hell that is, would be the first and only source to cover such a story. All of the other stuff I've found on the internet about this are just reposts of the Press TV article.

I agree though, reading and debunking this kinda stuff is fun. Some of it is almost as good as H.P. Lovecraft. Well, maybe not that good.

Alex Supertramp said...

I've been interested in suicide rates in the US military for a few years ever since a frined who was a Major in the USMA topped himself for no apparent reason after coming home. He died in 2005 and that year there were at least 6,256suicides among those who served in the armed forces (albeit not just Gulf vets and lots of US citizens have been in the military). But that's about 120 every week of that year. I keep reading that the rate has gone up every year since then. If you don't believe these figures just do a bit of googling. Considering the entire US casualty count for Operation Iraqi Freedomg is about 4,000 dead, over 6,000 suicides in one year is disturbing. Maybe Jim Jones is in charge of VA or the Pentaron repatriation program. Most of the Jonestown deaths were murders rather than suicides. A disproportionate number of these military suicides are of middle rank officers and if you read about them, many are called suicide but they don't fit the usual profile (no notes, no mood swings etc).

Anonymous said...

Isnt Sorcha Faal a disinfo instrument of the mossad?