Thursday, September 11, 2008

Venezuela : Russian Staging Area For Bombers

The John Birch Society was right. About everything. If you're smart, you know facts talk and bullsh*t walks. You can make all the knee-jerk conspiracy theory jokes you want except for the fact that you were wrong and the John Birch Society got it right. Besides, the JBS pointed out the reason that all critics of the regime were called conspiracy theorists is that there was a conspiracy to discredit conspiracy theories so conspiracists wouldn't get caught caught conspiring.

The John Birch Society accurately foresaw almost all the major geopolitical trends of this and the previous century. They were just so far ahead of their time that two generations later of dumbed down Amerikwans don't even know what the John Birch Society was. The JBS got that right too - they predicted if patriots didn't fight back their children would be too stupid to remember what the struggle was about. Right again.

The JBS knew that communists in South America would provide the facilities and resources needed to fight nuclear WW3 against America for Russia/China and to serve as the invasion spike with boots on the ground that would cut the United States into two pieces, both with personnel in place before and after the war broke out. Back when nobody cared about migrant farm workers, the JBS suggested a large hispanic population sympathetic to socialism in all forms would infiltrate the country and turn out to be quislings once the conflict got underway.

Venezuela Kicks Out U.S. Embassy!!!!

No nukes on this maiden flight. Not yet, anyway. Vault-Co predicts they'll be shuttled down there like sausages in the coming months.

Russia Arming Venezuela in Anticipation of an Expected U.S. Invasion?

America in decline and the wolves are all gathering

This will be one unified front from now on - South America & Russia

No oil left in the world for the 'Kwa, it's all tied up

Everybody knows the score excepting the dumbass Kwanzans

So much for Fukiyama's end of history and globalist paradise. Looks like it will be old skool nature, red of tooth and claw, no mercy for the weak and a return to the Dark Ages. The only twist in this that is anything new is that this time the barbarians will be packing nuclear cruise missiles and EMP pulse bombs.

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Red Dawn will be seen as a documentary soon.