Monday, September 29, 2008


Evacuate this planet

Stupid Bailout Bill So Dumb Even 'Kwanzans Know Better

Stock Market Crushed 1929 Style ... Drop Hasn't Even Started Yet

Dow Plummets, Klowns Dance & Juggle To No Avail



CadorBolin said...

Yesterday, the kwa got angry enough that the congress were scared by their constituents into voting against the bailout. A Pyrrhic victory at best -- the vote was something like 228-205. Just like they do in the European Union, they will keep voting again until the elites get the result they want. You just need 12 votes to flip.

Notice that more Republicans voted against the bailout than the Democrats -- which just goes to show which party is really more evil than the other. But they're both evil, so the kwa has a false choice to vote for who will arse-rape them the least.

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