Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ultimate Shelter Operating System Is Also Within Your Means

So Tex, after ten years of work and several different attempts to develop the ultimate architecture for a Vault, finally manages to buy a copy of Citrix Metaframe for one penny on EBay. It's the Holy Grail. The Rosetta Stone that turns any x86 machine into a powerful zero maintenance thin client that will run the highest level applications in a distributed framework environment and even support the lowliest DOS workhorse written in PowerBasic and share databases, files and archives across an intranet LAN inside even the most ambitious underground fortress. Even run IPX underneath the hood, which means connection to any Ethernet device!

Tex has arrived. He's managed to concoct the sort of network architecture you might expect to see running inside of Black Mesa in Half-Life.

What good does this do you? Citrix Metaframe remains one of the most expensive pieces of software you can buy for Windows and the licenses are even costlier. Unless you can score a miracle off of EBay like Tex did, how are you supposed to build an equivalent network for your shelter using Tex's free software and general paradigm? (Of which at least one version will be released this year, guaranteed.)

More importantly, how will Tex ever sell his E-Book VAULT-OS : Heterogeneous Computing for Survival when the only way you can make use of his software is with Citrix Metaframe?

Do not despair. Vault-Co research labs never sleep. Once we started to get a handle around the thin client framework, it was only a matter of time before we discovered a near-zero cost alternative. What put us on the right track was discovering that Citrix licensed most of the Metaframe engine to the developers of XP at Microsoft for their RDP layer.

The link above is to a light version of Winterminal, a stripped down PXE Linux client specifically designed as a Windows Thin Client that will run off (now standard) Windows XP Terminal services! The minimum hardware specs are a 486 with 8 megs of ram! There is no 16 bit client like under Metaframe, but let's be honest, who on earth is that demented they would need to be able to run Vault-OS on a 286 or XT device?

So all you will need is a laptop for your server running XP Terminal services and hooked up to an Ethernet hub and you can fill your own shelter with high powered terminals over several miles underground if you want!! Using all of Vault-Co's software and standalone programs in addition to all the other functionality available from Win XP, the most stable version of Windows!!

I recommend you download this software client while it is still available, there is not much around of this quality that is still free.


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