Saturday, September 20, 2008

Topsider Vault

Most people just do not understand how flimsy building practices are for most of the homes constructed in the last twenty years. Doghouses were built sturdier fifty years ago than modern domiciles.


Anonymous said...

Tex - I've been an ardent follower of the Aussie Housing Bubble ever since I realised that as a RN I could never own my own home. My parents managed to do so on one wage that would have been the same as an RN back then. A part of my observations has been the extremely shoddy build quality.

Rule of thumb - easy money attracts cowboys also fly-by-nighters.

It is my opinion that the Bubble Mc Mansions will sell for land value only in the near future.

Bubble McMansion? No thanks

Anonymous said...

Tex, our fifty year old Queenslander had a housing inspection before we bought it, and the builder, after checking inside the roof space, said "you know, there's enough hardwood joists and framing to make two modern houses...". They sure knew how to make them back then. Look at any housing area after a big houses unroofed, old QLDers standing strong, maybe a bit of roofing iron missing.