Sunday, September 7, 2008

Russia-US Confrontation Now Appears Inevitable

Sure jump on the bandwagon. Now everybody's a prophet who saw it coming.

"Humanitarian aid" is goading Russians into conflict with U.S.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes the russians. A decent normal enemy to fear and to give up all our rights to the goverment to protect ourselves.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed with literal meaning of names of presidential candidates.

Besides Palin which was mentioned before, McCain has name of the first murderer.

Cain was the elder son of Adam and Eve, and he killed his brother Abel.


Anonymous said...

Yep - given the US abysmal record when it comes to asymmetric warfare, small wonder that it needs to pick a fight based on conventional and nuclear forces in order to reassert itself, and attempt to turn its economy around.
Perish the thought that the hawks might reassess their whole underlying military strategy.

Texas Arcane said...

RZero - aren't you the guy always insisting there are no wide ranging conspiracies and that the government is usually just a bunch of morons trying to cope with the results of their own stupid policies?

I agree completely.

I think the current Russian-US confrontation was not planned, it was totally unexpected. I think the crackheads at the White House seriously believed they could do whatever they wanted to and nobody would stop them - or anybody that acted as a proxy.

I think the Russian actions were essentially throwing a bucket of cold water over the neocons and they were taken almost totally by surprise. The assumption was that the Russians would do nothing.

The neocons going all the way back to Leo Strauss are clinical schizophrenics who are always slamming their fairy bus of empire builders against the brick wall of reality. The brick wall usually wins and the neocons always lose.

Rzero said...

Yes Im not a big fan of conspiracies. But I do believe our politicians are devious enough to make use of an opportunity when it arrives.

No they didnt plan 911 but like Pearl harbour they knew it was coming and did everything possible to make sure it would happen, using it to increase their hold on the sheeple.

As for the Russian-Georgian war I dont think anybody expected Russia to react with a full blown war. But they, the neo-cons, will find a way to benefit from this. Either by higher oil prices or new unconstitional laws to 'help protect' the country in this New Cold War.

Any gain might be shortlived though as this could be the Franz Ferdinand event of out lifetime.

Anonymous said...