Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin Charged Victims For Their Own Rape Kits

Wow. That's heavy, heavy stuff.

You could always prosecute somebody for a false claim if police thought it was warranted.

Sending a woman a bill for her rape pathology test?

That's cold. Really, really cold blooded.

Gosh, Obama (whom I despise) is starting to almost look like the less-reptilian choice of these two candidates.

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CadorBolin said...

One valid reason to oppose Palin is that she is a neoconservative. As much as she possesses a likeable persona of a "frontiers-woman" brandishing a rifle, she is still a Bush enabler.

I've seen a rash of online smears against her that it's difficult to sort out the legitimate ones from the riff raff. I think this (the rape kit thing) is just a partisan guilt-by-association smear that doesn't have legs--unless they can actually physically locate a rape victim who paid for the collection of evidence (the Democrats would certainly love to find someone like this), it doesn't mean anything.

Another example: a leftist blogger reported that Palin said: "Sambo beat the bitch!" in a restaurant after Obama won a primary:


Very thin evidence at best. I suspect that all of these smears circulating on the internet are actually being put out by Republicans in the hopes that a rabid Democrat partisan reporter or news organization will publish it or give it serious play and then get discredited.

A classic example of this, is the Dan Rather story with the forged documents accusing Bush of being AWOL. Everyone knew that Bush was AWOL and there were legitimate reasons to suspect this, and 60 Minutes put out a story showcasing signed documents of a base commander reprimanding Bush. However, when the documents were put on the internet, a cursory glance showed them to be false (the infamous "th"). I think what really happened is that Bush's handlers put out obvious forgeries themselves and Dan Rather, letting his partisan hatred of the Republicans blind him, fell for it. In the aftermath, Bush is vindicated in the eyes of the public while any other legitimate claims in support of "Bush as AWOL" are dismissed and ignored.