Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Only Real News That Concerns You

The Maunder Minimum Has Arrived

If you know anybody besides Vault-Co, a few eccentrics and Robert Felix who saw this coming nearly 8 years in advance, please post a link to their site on this thread and we'll add it to the listening posts.

Now everybody wants to pretend they saw it coming

Except they don't know what Vault-Co knows. They pretend to be well read on this subject, because they need their grant checks to keep flowing so they can pay their mortgages. Here at Vault-Co we read extensively without any cash motivating our interest or conclusions. We just stick to the facts and ignore the consensus.

That's why we know something these guys don't know. This is a crest of a crest of a crest of a crest. This is the big tamale, not just a Little Ice Age. This is the end of an interglacial inside of three other interglacials in terms of solar output. That means go hydroponic hothouse or die.

The Sun is as smooth as a baby's bottom

Everything else is just a side effect. Nuclear war, crop failures, ensuing famine, resource conflicts, widescale migrations of refugees - this is merely an effect. It is confusing the branch of the tree with the root. The Apocalypse Trifecta we have spoken of for a decade means this happens with the worst possible timing for Western civilization.

Australian Researchers say the time has come for Earth to chill out

Magnetic reversal is imminent. Topside, when the earth's magnetic shield subsides for weeks or even months, anything not underground will cook like an egg from radiation, which should be a pleasant change after years of freezing.

Behind closed doors, scientists are getting really, really scared. Really scared. How do you tell the sheeple consumer units that the sun is going to take a nap for about 12000 years? Can you slip that in at the end of Oprah? Put it as a blurb on the bottom of the credits for porno films? How do you break news like that to the idiocracy?

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