Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Only News You Really Need To Know

The article is a bit deceptive.

The solar wind has dropped off to nearly zero, which has never been seen since the instruments existed to monitor it.

Lest you be deceived to the contrary, the sun's output is not "an important factor" in life here on Earth. That's something only a leftist nut could possibly blurt out. It's the only force that matters. Like a naked man in the arctic, standing next to a bonfire is the only thing keeping you alive. If it goes out or dies to mere embers, you can do all the jumping jacks you want ... that's the way you'll be found frozen solid. The Sun's warmth and energy output across many spectrums is the only thing that makes life possible here on Earth. One year without proper output ... "ice age normal" ... and there would be no agriculture, no harvest and no food. That's six billion people with empty stomachs. Could get a tad dicey.

Notice in the article, the Sun's magnetic flux is tied to the heliosphere which is part of our protective shield from cosmic radiation. Now you know why there are so many radiophiles and extremophile bacteria and fungi on Earth that appear to have kept their genetic adaptive traits so sharp from recent usage.

It's funny to think modern people honestly regard the Sun as "an important factor" ... sort of like nice holiday decorations in the food court at the mall. Where else do they think the heat would come from?

A guy at work told me the other day, "Heat comes from the oceans and the sun is a contributing factor." He's talking about the fact that the water on Earth acts as a heat reserve for energy from the Sun. He had not quite realized yet where the heat in the water came from originally.


Justin Patrick said...

In that case, what would we do to protect against cosmic rays? It seems that even NASA and a lot of modern scientists do not have surefire methods that don't either take a lot of energy or cause the fields to switch from positive to negative or vice versa. What is your plan to block the cosmic rays?

Texas Arcane said...

6 feet of crushed gravel will stop nearly any kind of radiation. I use 9 with 3 feet of earth just to be on the safe side. There is no safer place in any situation than underground in a Vault. It's the answer to all of life's questions.

Monitors at my home will go off when normal background radiation climbs above a certain margin and our family will enter the vault until they return to normal.

Anonymous said...

A guy at work told me the other day, "Heat comes from the oceans and the sun is a contributing factor."

Sounds like you work in a sheltered work shop. No offence to you intended there it's just that someone blurting out that sort of nonsense has to be mentally challenged.

andyboots37 said...

Jesus is truly the Son that gives real LIFE:)

He's fixing a universe where He Himself will be the source of all warmth--physical and spiritual.

The sun will be obsolete.

Funny, the secualar people are all saying the Son is obsolete.



Texas Arcane said...

That's actually one of the brighter comments I've heard about climate. Most consumer units are not even aware of the role the oceans play in climate moderation because of their heat retention of solar output. I have heard things at work (remember, I'm in IT so these are the intellectual cream of our civilization) that would sound more appropriate coming out of the lips of a South Sea Cannibal Islander.