Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nyquist On the Rebarbarization of the West

“With you, they all threaten to disappear together. Where trade and manufactures are wanting to a people, and the spirit of nobility and religion remains, sentiment supplies, and not always ill supplies, their place; but if commerce and the arts should be lost in an experiment to try how well a state may stand without these old fundamental principles, what sort of a thing must be a nation of gross, stupid, ferocious, and, at the same time, poor and sordid, barbarians, destitute of religion, honour, or manly pride, possessing nothing at present, and hoping nothing hereafter?”

- Edmund Burke


Nyquisling said...

"What the film fails to do, of course, is point out that Christianity, the U.S. government and central banking gave humanity the most successful society in history." - J.R. Nyquist

Civilization can't be successful without faith-based money.

Is this guy a closet Marxist?

Check out The Kwa's self-styled "Oracle" here:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The first four paragraphs are good, but then Nyquist begins to smell like a neocon. What's that about?

Texas Arcane said...

You're absolutely right.

First of all, J.R. is my original hero. His book ORIGINS OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR were what really set me off ten years ago and turned me into a sweaty paranoid full blown nut.

Everybody knows they got to Nyquist a couple of years back. All I have heard is rumors, but apparently there was a critical illness in the family and money was offered for NyQuist's soul and eternal fealty. He's been domesticated ever since. Definitely a neocon stable hand.

Nevertheless, his articles continue to be worth printing, although you do have to wade through some of that hooey he is shoveling. Anybody at this stage who thinks patriotism means loyalty to a Bush/Clinton/Obama government is out of their mind. The Founding Fathers would gun these traitors down with extreme prejudice.

We took the link down to his site many years ago but still offer his articles on occasion. I knock quite a few of them back, however. 2 out of 3, in fact.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the Roman Empire was the most succesfull society in history. Ours may have had the best toys but lets face it, our reign will be very very short.

One could say the Roman decline started when they abandoned their favor of christianity.


nyquisling said...

Tex A. - that explanation is reasonable enough. I read you, and you're half full of gravel too. But you've got alot of gold nuggets.