Monday, September 8, 2008

The Maunder Minimum Arrives For Britain

Britain skipped summer this year and last year.

That's called an ice age.

When snow remained unmelted through to September, that's the start of glaciation.

All those multikult mouths to feed in a bitter winter that lasts 12000 years. I predict whitey will be the first on the skillet.


Anonymous said...

Well the Netherlands has been skipping WINTER for the past three years.

I've seen proof of warming and I've seen proof of cooling.

Untill there are penguins in Amsterdam or Berlin becomes a dessert I'm just calling it climate CHANGE.


Texas Arcane said...

All you have to do is figure out how to heat this planet without the sun. Because it's taking a nap, for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

When the sunspot cycle returns, as it usually does, will you eat your words?

I predict it will NOT be taking a long nap. Just another cycle of nature, as she usually works.

Texas Arcane said...

Why would I eat my words, when you are the one who is right? It is a natural cycle. It happens every 12000 years. It's called the Maunder Minimum. It may not be convenient but there you have it.

The sunspot cycle will return as it always does and probably always will, in 11500 years.

Anonymous said...

Stipulating that you are correct - Fact: Maunder Minimum, in history, took place from 1645 to 1715.

1645 + "It happens every 12,000 years" (your words) = 13,645 A.D. That's a *long* time. Even for a dozen Methuselahs, back to back.

Should I provide sugar, stevia, clover honey, or molasses for your culinary pleasure? You decide; I've provided excellent choices of condiment for eating your words.

As you say, I am the one who is right. And you have a problem with HATING everybody who isn't just like you. Who are you? George Bush's lost twin? Or Cheney's?

Texas Arcane said...

Anonymous, have you started writing your position to debunk my claims when you don't even know what they are yet? Maybe you should do some more research and come back after you at least know what you don't know.

Does the Maunder Minimum just govern a little ice age every 400 years? Is it a simple waveform with a 400 year crest? Or is it something else?

You don't know, do you? That's why they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I advise you to go beyond a page you found on Google and read some hardcore climatology to get away from the non-sheeplish press release angle.

You think the Maunder Minimum is about the recently conceded little ice age in the 1600's? You don't know what the Maunder Minimum is, do you?

Soon visual aids will be available, including ice sheeple gardens in various flash-frozen poses all around urban areas.

Anonymous said...

Define "Maunder Minimum" then. We'll see how different your version is from reality.

Anonymous said...

People an ice age doesn't come suddenly. It is a slow proces that can take hundreds if not thousants of years. What we are experiencing is a long solar minimum but that doesn't man there will be no solar maximum.
I think that we are expieriencing the silence before the storm.

Compare it to the sea when it retracts from the shore only to form a big wave a few seconds later.

I could be wrong of course, in fact when you google the subject there is very little or accurate information available, nobody seems to know for sure what's happening and even if let's say nasa or the government knew they would suppress the information out of fear.

But one thing is certain if nothing happens by 2012 you 'd better buy some furr coats and heat furnasses

Anonymous said...

Hoera! no maunder minimum there is a sunspot today!
Sunspot 1002
Go to soho and see for yourself.
Hopefully others will follow.

adolfo1 said...

Sun cycles, as shown by I.Charvatova indicate we are entering in a new Maunder Minimum. See:

Adolfo1 said...

Sun really has cycles and we are entering a new Maunder Minimum. See: