Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Lingering Greatness From A Defunct Civilization

This is a list of fifty ways that NASA has changed the world since their heyday fifty years ago. It could have just as easily been a list of five hundred ways they have changed the world.

NASA today looks like an affirmative action hiring center gone horribly wrong. It is largely composed of semiliterate morons and porn-surfing cretins who can barely speak in complete sentences. With the exception of a few of the old diehards who still form the nucleus of the continually waning core, NASA has long since become nothing but a holding tank for sociopath careerists who hope to earn their way into an ambassador slot somewhere. All the fire has long since gone out in that decaying shell in Florida.

I recently spoke to an old timer who had emigrated out of the U.S. back in the 90's after he got canned from his job at NASA for whistleblowing the fudging of standards, particularly the Hubble Space Telescope. He said NASA today is largely run out of trailers parked near crumbling megalithic structures abandoned many years ago for lack of funding and the will to maintain them.

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