Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 'Kwa : Hellish Landscape of the Damned

Does this country have anything left to do in order to confirm it's status as a gigantic Cecille B. DeMille set with millions of extras doing the big orgy scene before the brimstone climax?

I don't think there is anything left to do.

I'm going to pretend I work in God's bureaucracy and it's my job to report to him on the status of this damned nation. What am I going to say?

All the boxes for total hopelessly depraved degeneracy seemed to be checked off in order. I've monitored their culture, their music, their speech and their character as human beings, I can honestly report that these critters are without redeeming features of any kind. I know ultimately the judgement will lie with the Lord, but I am submitting that if action is not taken soon, heaven is obligated to issue a public apology to Sodom and Gomorrah and a possible lawsuit for reparations may be in the cards.

If the Lord God is just, merciful and fair, (and he is all these things many millions of times over) then the day has come for him to release his wrath on this greasy abhorrent prevert pit called the 'Kwa. Those Sodomites are ready for cookin' up some heavenly barbecue.


andyboots37 said...

When judgement finally does fall, it won't be because of any single or multiple act of depravity. It will fall on a Christ-rejecting world.

Without the grace of God anybody is capable of anything under the right circumstances. Humanity in it's stillborn spiritual state of self-righteousness is vehemently offended by that. We're merely seeing the veneer of morality peeling away to expose man's true corrupt state.

Some may have better conduct than others, but if it's not coming from a regenerated spiritual condition freely given by God in Christ, it's really the right branch of the wrong tree ( the good/evil tree from the garden).

Isaiah 64:6 "Your righteousness is as filthy rags."

For it is by Grace we have been saved, lest any man should boast.


Andy B.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you're as righteous as ol' Lot was.

Texas Arcane said...

Where is their repentance? Where is their shame?

If they are children of God and not the seed of the devil, why don't they seem to be able to distinguish the two? Have they no soul to offend?

This is Calvinist and scriptural.

If they are Children of God simply gone astray, then why do they not only take pleasure in their own wickedness but also in the wickedness of others?

I do not think their father is God in heaven. Rather the devil. If they had God for their father, they would know something is wrong with what they are doing.

andyboots37 said...

Actually, I'm as righteous as Jesus. His words, not mine (2Cor 5:21). I'm simply agreeing with God. It's not about my behaviour (Thank God), it's about my new identity (2Cor5:17).

The world makes behaviour and identity synonymous. The "Ol Lot" comment validates that.

It's not Calvinist, it's the Good News of the New Covenant that so few know or believe. I didn't say they were children of God. Actually, these things are evidence that they probably aren't. What I did say was humanity without spiritual regeneration is utterly corrupt. More glaring in some, but utterly corrupt in all.

John 1:12 tells you what it takes to be a child of God.


Andy B.

BiblicalDaddyDaughter said...

Daddy on daughter is Scriptural, according to Lot.

I wouldn't mention this, except Scripture places Lot on a pedestal.

Keep up that Krisschan stuff, Tex. It'll be the end of ya.