Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kwa Fragmenting, Multikult Calls For More Chisels

Everybody knows the "United" States is shattering into a polyglot of a thousand competing cultures marking off their territory.

All the beautiful Oprahesque platitudes and sentiments are just so much sand thrown into the face of a cyclone.

You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will surely return with a vengeance.

European whites will not live in lawless societies as are common where many enrichers originate. They won't. They would rather anarchy and they shall have it rather than live in a place like Cape Town or South Africa. It's just part of their makeup as surely as the inner nature of other ethnic groups.

The farce can continue only so long as they have an easy way out. Watch what happens when they run out of places to run to. That will be interesting indeed.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read the comments from that link. It appears as if calling someone a racist doesn't work anymore. Seems to me that the "race" card has been well overplayed.