Wednesday, September 17, 2008


There was nobody who resented John Howard for his economic policies, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

are you high?
quote- australia remains solid financially. ???? debt is not wealth. banks are approaching their true value now, and in the interests of credibility - the australian, spare me.

quote- noone resented howard for his financial policies. um, gst? howard knew this was coming when he encouraged mass deposits into super funds, then handed it to the yanks.

Texas Arcane said...

Australia has an almost limitless resource base and does not run a deficit at present. That is a pretty stable basis for a banking system when people transfer their investments to safer shores.

Anonymous said...

seems to me it is the USofA that has the problems and they are trying to transfer those problems to the whole world to fix/bail out.
Nothing like getting someone else to pay your debt :)
This is what happens when capitolist greed gets out of control, it gets bigger and bigger until bust.
The concept of a stock exchange is great to an individual but utterly evil to the whole.

Anonymous said...

GST was a good thing it droped the price of electronica (stereos, puters ect..)
the scale of building and maintaining repairable design on the east coast metropolis with 21 million peeps is pretty impressive, I liked howard, he could have been dictator and produced everything internally, but he didnt. go figure.


CadorBolin said...

Buchanan lays out a modest economic proposal:

Anonymous said...

The hour grows late. I am considering constructing my own vault in the near future, can you recommend any books or texts on the subject?

Solsys said...

Must-read blog article, examining the small script in the 700 billion plan.

America's taking a huge leap... backward, into some demented Brejnev-era State.

And, oh yeah, Molon Labe etc., go tell that to the guys who were living in the URSS at that time. Nobody's going to move, the only smart choice is having a veggie patch and trade some of your skills on the black market.