Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Globowarmthink Raging Psychosis

These dudes and their mystery religion are creepy, creepy people. Creepy as hell. Dig further down and sure, you discover they are just useful idiots for the elites, but it is difficult to believe any human being could be turned into such an absolute tool.

They make the druids look like stable, levelheaded citizens in comparison.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Evacuate this planet

Stupid Bailout Bill So Dumb Even 'Kwanzans Know Better

Stock Market Crushed 1929 Style ... Drop Hasn't Even Started Yet

Dow Plummets, Klowns Dance & Juggle To No Avail


The 'Kwa Is Under Martial Law!! (CONFIRMED)

Watch the YouTube video and see with your own eyes. The poor sheeple are the last to be informed. Keep doing searches for Paris Hilton until the black ops troops break down your door, people, happy thoughts will serve you well at the internment camp.

This guy is scared bad

Real terror is mounting now, over what many believe is a coup going on behind the scenes

This is a good time to do a roundup of Vault-Co greatest hits going back to 2007 and see if we in fact, nailed it twelve months in advance.

This is a very important blog post on Vault-Co from earlier this year

Covered again here by many other news agencies

All starting to make sense now?

This one was eerily accurate

Gosh, I was spot on with this one

A good time to release my cooking product, "Baby Salt." Low sodium and all vegan!

North Korea Doesn't Disarm - My Career In Gay Porno is a complete Bust

I promised readers about two years ago that the same day North Korea began to dismantle their nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities as agreed, my debut tape in gay porno would become available at their local video store.

North Korea (whoodathunkit?) has mysteriously resumed their nuclear program and as many of you have probably noticed, the only new releases at the video store are crappy re-releases of HOUSE OF THE DEAD and the remastered version of WILLARD. So incredibly, the Bush Administration will not look back fondly on a single accomplishment of their entire 8 years unless you count completely destroying the United States military, crashing the economy to third world pauperism and almost choking to death on a pretzel.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Pay More Than $15.00 for a Thin Client!

Very cool rant stating the obvious. These things are pouring onto the world market and they are dirt-cheap. I got two of them when I saved them from a corporate dumpster in the city.
In five minutes, given a working Thin Client OS utilizing DHCP and ICA protocol, you can have this terminal running in your greenhouse/permaculture lab, storage bay/silo, main shelter or various support facilities. From there it can act as an industrial automation controller/sensor hub, run client-server, realtime speech and security camera monitor, intercom VOIP system, visualization tools, archive retrieval, information delivery mechanism ... if you can think of it and it runs in Windows it will probably run on a thin client at a good clip, too. No maintenance, zero support, just plug'n'play. At these prices you can buy a lot of spares.
If you can figure out how to rewrite the base software package in flash ram, you can add a standalone windowed system like Breadbox Ensemble or 98Lite if the network goes down or you ever want to work offline on something.

As the guy says in the article, the whole point of the exercise is to never have to worry about it again after you've plugged it in.

Start Putting That Core Refuge Together

"This is the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the Russian military is actually preparing for an all-out nuclear war with America."

Hopefully, if you've been visiting Vault-Co for the past ten years, you've got something better than this by now.

Weird, Scary ... True? (Update : HOAX!!)

I am not sure what all of this means. I had also heard a rumor about a mass suicide of U.S. soldiers on an Iraqi air base. We all know that Sorcha Faal is about as reliable for information as a broken Ouiji board, so take it with a grain of salt.

Pretty spooky stuff. Kind of reminds me of the soldiers in Stephen King's The Mist who go to the back of the supermarket and hang themselves because they know what is happening.

What on earth could cause more than 20 American soldiers to attempt to kill themselves en masse?

I've heard other things, too. I am not saying I believe all of this or this interpretation of what is happening. I include the links for you to read and think about for yourself. Seems like something is going on worldwide before the U.S. elections are held. Could be a gigantic disinfo campaign. Or it might be something else.

I have always held that the Apocrypha may be important, if for no other reason that they are otherwise mentioned in the Biblical canon itself.

Full weirdness and Fortean brain stretching here. This link doesn't have to be taken seriously. It won't hurt you to think about this stuff. Kinds of broadens your mind to even debunk it as you read it.

What calibre would you recommend as a good "man" stopper for Nephilim, anyhow? :)

UPDATE : See comments, this is a hoax. I had never heard of Press TV before, apparently the person who originally contacted me about this story also got his information from that same release. A keen eyed reader noticed it was otherwise unsupported and the unit apparently doesn't exist. Seriously, what would you expect from Sorcha Faal, she's like a crazy homeless lady with 200 cats riding around with her in a shopping cart.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A War of all Against All

The United States has lost all moral authority.

At present, there is no exemplar in the world to determine the standard that is the difference between civilized and barbaric warfare. No one has stepped forward, the Geneva convention is a joke not worth the paper it is printed on.

Anybody who still thinks that MAD doctrine will prevent World War III should convert to Scientology while they are at it, because that is also a bizarre anti rational and infantile mystery religion. The State is all everywhere you look, men have abandoned even their pretensions to be anything but genetic automatons under Darwinian influence and the secular world (which I believed in for sixteen years) stands revealed for the doorway it really is - into madness and absolute abdication of anything but the bloody red law of tooth and claw.

What A Chinese World Empire Will Look Like

I would like nothing so much if Susan Sontag was still alive, to put a shovel into her hands and put her to work at the bottom of one of those copper shafts ... then tell her to appeal to the conscience of her Chinese masters for merciful humane treatment and see if they respond the way that she knew white Europeans were always guaranteed to.

No more "inhumanities" (flush toilets, clean running water, ample food, cradle-to-grave welfare, name brand running shoes) at the hands of evil whitey. We're turning you over to the real experts in this regard. The white man is throwing in the towel. We surrender. It's all yours, we give up.

Now see what happens when we tend our own private gardens.

World Marches Toward Nuclear War

Russia in Midst of Astonishing Military Buildup

Russia laughs at NATO

U.S. is completely broke - Kwan Dollar is Worthless

Rush to Nowhere for Fallen Nation

Major Crash for Markets in the Works?

UK and Britain Will Also Drop Like a Stone

Can you smell the fallout yet?

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ultimate Shelter Operating System Is Also Within Your Means

So Tex, after ten years of work and several different attempts to develop the ultimate architecture for a Vault, finally manages to buy a copy of Citrix Metaframe for one penny on EBay. It's the Holy Grail. The Rosetta Stone that turns any x86 machine into a powerful zero maintenance thin client that will run the highest level applications in a distributed framework environment and even support the lowliest DOS workhorse written in PowerBasic and share databases, files and archives across an intranet LAN inside even the most ambitious underground fortress. Even run IPX underneath the hood, which means connection to any Ethernet device!

Tex has arrived. He's managed to concoct the sort of network architecture you might expect to see running inside of Black Mesa in Half-Life.

What good does this do you? Citrix Metaframe remains one of the most expensive pieces of software you can buy for Windows and the licenses are even costlier. Unless you can score a miracle off of EBay like Tex did, how are you supposed to build an equivalent network for your shelter using Tex's free software and general paradigm? (Of which at least one version will be released this year, guaranteed.)

More importantly, how will Tex ever sell his E-Book VAULT-OS : Heterogeneous Computing for Survival when the only way you can make use of his software is with Citrix Metaframe?

Do not despair. Vault-Co research labs never sleep. Once we started to get a handle around the thin client framework, it was only a matter of time before we discovered a near-zero cost alternative. What put us on the right track was discovering that Citrix licensed most of the Metaframe engine to the developers of XP at Microsoft for their RDP layer.

The link above is to a light version of Winterminal, a stripped down PXE Linux client specifically designed as a Windows Thin Client that will run off (now standard) Windows XP Terminal services! The minimum hardware specs are a 486 with 8 megs of ram! There is no 16 bit client like under Metaframe, but let's be honest, who on earth is that demented they would need to be able to run Vault-OS on a 286 or XT device?

So all you will need is a laptop for your server running XP Terminal services and hooked up to an Ethernet hub and you can fill your own shelter with high powered terminals over several miles underground if you want!! Using all of Vault-Co's software and standalone programs in addition to all the other functionality available from Win XP, the most stable version of Windows!!

I recommend you download this software client while it is still available, there is not much around of this quality that is still free.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Econo-Armageddon for Kwanzanians

It's all my fault. I told them to switch to toilet water.

Scccccrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccchhhhhh .... CRASH What was that about China needing our business so badly they would keep investing in us no matter what?

The Only News You Really Need To Know

The article is a bit deceptive.

The solar wind has dropped off to nearly zero, which has never been seen since the instruments existed to monitor it.

Lest you be deceived to the contrary, the sun's output is not "an important factor" in life here on Earth. That's something only a leftist nut could possibly blurt out. It's the only force that matters. Like a naked man in the arctic, standing next to a bonfire is the only thing keeping you alive. If it goes out or dies to mere embers, you can do all the jumping jacks you want ... that's the way you'll be found frozen solid. The Sun's warmth and energy output across many spectrums is the only thing that makes life possible here on Earth. One year without proper output ... "ice age normal" ... and there would be no agriculture, no harvest and no food. That's six billion people with empty stomachs. Could get a tad dicey.

Notice in the article, the Sun's magnetic flux is tied to the heliosphere which is part of our protective shield from cosmic radiation. Now you know why there are so many radiophiles and extremophile bacteria and fungi on Earth that appear to have kept their genetic adaptive traits so sharp from recent usage.

It's funny to think modern people honestly regard the Sun as "an important factor" ... sort of like nice holiday decorations in the food court at the mall. Where else do they think the heat would come from?

A guy at work told me the other day, "Heat comes from the oceans and the sun is a contributing factor." He's talking about the fact that the water on Earth acts as a heat reserve for energy from the Sun. He had not quite realized yet where the heat in the water came from originally.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is a "client" under Citrix Metaframe?

Basically, anything that runs on x86 hardware is a client or can be made into a client in approximately five minutes with their client installer packages. Very few of the devices pictured above cost me more than $10.00 to build or buy. At least half the devices pictured above will run the basic Vault-OS kernel inside Citrix or else on simple x86 hardware connected or not to a local LAN/Ethernet. It was a very good idea I had to build the initial version of Vault-OS on IPX communication, because if I had used TCP-IP I would have had a lot of problems getting it to work on Citrix. Luckily a virtual packet driver for DOS makes everything all run together seamlessly without any headaches. So far I have crapped my pants about ten times when I realized I can turn the Citrix server on or off and not even cause a hitch in the interprocess comms between the DOS applications running on the same lines. That's just plain awesome.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vault-Co No More?

I'm thinking seriously of closing down this blog and just concentrating on the new Vault-OS page I've been working on.

Things in general have taken such a turn for the worse lately it doesn't seem there is much point in continuing with news links as we have done for ten years.

America has formally been nationalized into a communist country with all financial control of assets residing with the state through the "bailout." Not much use in warning people any longer about that.

The new Ice Age is upon us. In coming years it's going to get crazy cold. What else to say?

The agricultural system has basically collapsed. Shortages are the new reality. We said to pack it.
Russia, China, Venezuela/South America, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea are one big alliance sharing military technology and weapons, in addition to controlling the Panama Canal and 90% of the world's resources. No point in any more warnings about the U.S. being isolated.

World War III is now being recognized by most of the mainstream media as an inevitability soon in geopolitics. We don't have to stay on the soapbox warning about that.

Demographic changes have past the failsafe point in almost all the Western nations. It's hardly worth talking about at this stage. Everybody left with the means is packing their suitcase.
I think after ten years of issuing dire warnings, the time is past for prognostication. The things we have talked about on this blog are upon us. I believe my time would be best spent on developing Vault-OS and the accompanying products rather than spending another minute updating this blog.

Vault-OS : Mind Blowing Thin Client Tech on EBay

I have four mindblowing things to tell you.

  1. Citrix Metaframe NT had a 256 color DOS installable thin client for 16 or 32 bit mode, with complete access to the NT server desktop through Metaframe. This would have to be one of the strangest pieces of software in the history of DOS, but it works great!!
  2. The DOS Metaframe client also permits external virtual control of it's workspace from the NT Host and all terminal/text functionality.
  3. I got a copy of Citrix Metaframe NT Server off Ebay for .01 cent (!) and $10.50 S&H.
  4. I got a copy of Windows NT 4.0 with 8xTerminal licenses for $5.00 bucks off EBay.

So basically, let's say you have a great DOS only 8086 program running on your card, like my version of Vault-OS written in PowerBasic currently under development. How do you achieve complete rock solid interoperability of this legacy system with any other system and/or thin client including Linux, Macintosh, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, Breadbox Ensemble ... all over Ethernet including with IPX protocol? With Citrix Metaframe. I used it heavily in my work about 10 years ago and it was incredible, combined with Windows NT.

Some of you may remember me recommending this book last year (cost me $2.00) as being one of the better Vault-oriented guides to heterogeneous networking I have ever read.

I landed two WYSE thin clients for $4.00 each last week at the same time. I've been spraypainting them to rebrand them as Vault terminals, of course. I was successfully able using this guy's code and guidance to rewrite the BIOs so both of them now display SVGA at 1024x768 on mini B&W televisions and CCD monitors!!!

I plan to have photos up of a lot of the new stuff soon. I promise you that some of the tech you will see running shortly will be the most incredible stuff to ever come out of Vault-Co in it's ten year history.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

NASA : The Solar Wind Has Vanished


Nightmare Cascade : MSM figures it out

They're too slow to matter. News at that pace is always a couple years behind what is useful.

Topsider Vault

Most people just do not understand how flimsy building practices are for most of the homes constructed in the last twenty years. Doghouses were built sturdier fifty years ago than modern domiciles.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


There was nobody who resented John Howard for his economic policies, that's for sure.

Fiat Currency Meltdown

Vault-OS : Redundancy Architecture

I have three embedded PCs under development right now and this is my plan to cover all my bases for redundancy and fault-proof operation for at least 10+ years before mean time of failure. All PCs used are rated for at least 99000 hours of continuous uptime but there is no reason you could not replace any of the devices below with a cheap 386 laptop in it's place.

1. A fanless, low current x86 embedded box running on DR. DOS 7.0 with a text mode only application (PowerBasic 3.5) that supports all automated process control (TSR doing realtime I2C sharing data with main program) using very simple text window interface to also run apps for inventory, personnel, logging and calendar/scheduling. This hardware is 90%, software 50% finished as of right now. This is the root bedrock "neverfail" device that is supposed to run no matter what. This has a 400 MB compact flash card for storage and 64 mb of SDRAM running a 16 bit environment with Ethernet terminal-to-terminal communication with IPX packets. Nothing to crash or fail, ever, if I make it solid enough. With any luck, running in 20 years like a top. This will feature document archiving and retrieval with PDF viewer but it is discouraged to use this if #2 is available.

2. The Vault-OS Thinkboy running BreadBox Ensemble (GEOs) in a full windowed environment with complete redundancy of all the functions above and the capacity to take over from the #1 box at any time. This will look to shelter dwellers like the primary device but in reality it will always run primarily as a mirror of #1 above unless #1 fails at which time all jacks can be plugged into #2 and it will immediately take over. Obviously if #2 fails, there is always #1. This will probably be 128 MB SDRAM and a 2 gigabyte compact flash card for disk storage. This device will feature synthesized voice and an onscreen radio/TV monitoring window in addition to CD-ROM music playback. Most of this is being written as a GEOS NewBasic application with a few C++ supporting programs for the nitty-gritty realtime controller threads. This environment will of course have PDF viewer and HTML browser if required with document archiver in addition to all the functionality of #1 above running independently. This device is hardware 95%, software 30% finished.

3. For security camera monitoring, voice recognition and speech synthesis command dispatch, this machine will be running a scaled down version of Windows '98 (XP if available) that will communicate primarily with boxes #1 and #2 through the network and issue commands to the two devices through IPX packets. It may or may not be running in .NET 2.0, if it is it may be using the VG.NET library for all interface displays. Eventually it is planned that this device will incorporate all the functionality of both devices #1 and #2 and be able to take over completely from them at any time if they fail. It should be noted that for $12.00 USD you can get a security CCD card off Ebay that will permit you to plug'n'play up to 16 cameras at once with ease running motion detection on all of them through software. Again, it might appear this machine will be the primary device in the shelter when in fact it will just be mirroring #1 or #2 until it is needed to cover for a failure. Right now I have got a really good laptop running XP I will store in the shelter that will be this device, so hardware is 100% finished. If I can afford a powerful enough embedded PC for this computer it may be a dedicated box like #1 & #2 someday. The best aspect of this device will be realtime voice commands of the entire Vault-OS system through the Microsoft Speech API. In terms of software, all I have written to date is a shell desktop that looks similar to the "Shelter OS" in the game Penumbra Overture. It does nothing but pop up prototype windows from icons for various functions. I'd say only 10% of this software is finished.

My biggest compromise here is figuring out how long it will take me to write security camera software through the interrupts in GEOS and realizing that both this task and speech recognition are just too easily implemented through Windows 98/2000/Me/XP now for me to reinvent the wheel. I feel my time spent right now on #1 is very productive and I am not going to waste weeks trying to build things to run in DOS or GEOS that are just too ambitious when I can do it in ten lines of code in Win 98/2000/Me/XP.

P.S. This is the serial barcode printer I am using which I got off BGMicro for a song. I am debugging #1 to output these labels with barcodes for inventory which I already built a scanner for about three years ago (using surplus Panasonic BCS-84). I highly recommend it, they won't last long at that price on BGMicro and normally sell for about $300.00 USD. Vault-OS running on device #1 will have a specific driver to output barcode labels to this device for inventory control. The big cheap barcode scanner to hack nowadays is the CueCat if you're looking for one around $3 bucks in surplus.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amerikwans Got Outsourced

All they have to do is recreate a brand new economy with a bunch of illiterate crotch grabbing morons. Nothing to it. After they pay off their debts, of course, which isn't going to happen this millennium.

Good luck with all that, Kwanzans. Remember it's all about being cool.

Remote Control Execution Without Consequences

Drones and terminator 'bots are probably the ugliest development in the history of human warfare since Cain killed Abel.

Having thrown all law to the wind, nobody will feel sorry for the 'Kwa when they find out that might doesn't make right. Those who live by the sword also die by the sword.

Feds Believe Communism Will Save Them

Certainly it's worked out well before. It just wasn't tried hard enough.

We're getting very close to the end for Kwanzania now.

The Zombie Parasite : 40%+ of Western Population

Ever wonder why the people of Western civilization act like rats throwing themselves into the jaws of cats? There may be an excellent reason for it. That may be exactly what they are doing, no abstract induction needed.

Somehow in a lot of people you can just feel that they want it. There is some part of them looking forward to it. It's like "The Happening" by M. Night Shymalayan except a little slower so it can be observed and described.

This is why I don't waste my time proselytizing. There appear to be people who want to live and others who don't. I'm not spending one second of my time trying to reason with grasshoppers when winter is approaching.

Coup De Grace

Why does Vault-Co always have that smug assured look all the time? Do we know something that everybody else doesn't? What makes us so darn certain the economic damage has not even begun yet?


We know they are leveraged against debt instruments and debt instruments are vaporized as a form of capital in the West. If debt instruments represent zero value, what happens to those derivatives that are all interconnected in vast trees of lunacy purporting to represent value?

That long drawn out screaming noise is the western financial system plunging earthward without a safety net.

AIG To Be Next Into The Hopper!

The Panic is Starting Now.

AIG will be extinction level event for the Kwa

Kwa Fragmenting, Multikult Calls For More Chisels

Everybody knows the "United" States is shattering into a polyglot of a thousand competing cultures marking off their territory.

All the beautiful Oprahesque platitudes and sentiments are just so much sand thrown into the face of a cyclone.

You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but she will surely return with a vengeance.

European whites will not live in lawless societies as are common where many enrichers originate. They won't. They would rather anarchy and they shall have it rather than live in a place like Cape Town or South Africa. It's just part of their makeup as surely as the inner nature of other ethnic groups.

The farce can continue only so long as they have an easy way out. Watch what happens when they run out of places to run to. That will be interesting indeed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vault-OS : Found an I2C Solution To Long Lines Problem

The link above will show you an implementation of a freely available hub for I2C with free schematics and circuit board layout. The raw parts from Maxim or Digikey will cost you $10.00 or less but you'll need the patience to assemble the hub. This solution was innovated by a guy in the UK who put his circuit in the public domain. HobbyBoards makes a living selling the assembled version but the actual circuit only requires a handful of cheap Maxim ICs.

I just ordered one and I intend to make it my I2C mini-LAN solution for everything including controllers. Theoretically with power supply of 12 volts, this hub will support up to 127 devices if they are all close to the same capacitance levels. That's an awful lot of sensors and controllers, especially if you realize that controllers can interpret commands in an infinitely expandable fashion. For example, an I2C device could be a small microcontroller connected to a parallel port relay bank to control 8, 16, 32 switching lines. This sort of thing comes in handy in my fuel silo, where I may have 16 pumps that need to be individually switched to pump fuel out of a barrel and down the hill into Sparkgap for the genset. You could also use 16 ultrasound monitors or pressure sensors to detect how much fuel is remaining on each barrel. You can see how the number of required inputs adds up pretty quickly once you get ambitious.

My biggest reason for wanting the line to support this many devices is the seismic sensors and minicams I want to run on the line. I found out last week how to send frames from a CCD over I2C, it's a datablock send of the entire grayscale image. The ideal situation is when a seismic sensor is tripped, a CCD camera with IF illuminator sends a frame day or night at that moment when it is polled. This would allow you to instantly flash an alert on your situation map on top of an overlay of your property or shelter. I was thinking that most sensors will profit best from being optionally overlaid on a map of some kind, either of the shelter or the ground topside, so you can see where that reading is coming from. Knowing the temperature and humidity all over the shelter is excellent input for managing the air filtration system.

It is important to note that whether you use this device, another device or the simple serial adapter including the cheap DIY design here, the serial commands sent by Vault-OS will be the same. It won't matter what I2C device you have connected to the UART I/O RS-232 serial port.
This is the absolutely simplest, most generic and adaptable solution I could devise to make this software useful to anybody, including myself. I was originally using RS-485 for the Rabbit 2000 to get readings off sensors and it was just too complicated to implement easily elsewhere. I think the I2C will work with these hubs out to 120 meters of cable and sometimes more.

It's also important to point out that complete optical isolation of your RS-232 port is now available under $25.00, insuring that EMP cannot hurt your shelter electronics, at least not your main controller.

Now we just need to figure out how to convert the output from a CD-715 radiation detector through the headphones jack into an I2C signal, we'll be really set. I have a circuit doing something similar and may be able to cadge that design myself with a little help from the enthusiast group at Yahoo.

Financial Meltdown Underway in Amerikwa

Two of the biggest and oldest names in America for the previous century just cratered in the 'Kwa. If this keeps up the big bust won't be in 2009, it will be this year before Christmas.

Pretty soon you will see them run out of internal financing for the debt system altogether in the 'Kwa and that is when the huge fire sale will kick off, with nearly all U.S. companies going to foreign holders for cents on the dollar. The remaining wreckage of that country will make Argentina's collapse look like a minor hiccup.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vault-OS Standard Controllers : I2C vs. RS-485

Have you heard about "the best laid plans of mice and men?"

Well, I've hit some snags implementing I2C as the universal controller system for Vault-OS.

My experiments with a few temperature sensors on I2C have worked great ... when the wire runs a meter or two from the computer to the sensor.

I think I have discovered a problem with my great plans for a universal I2C master-slave polling configuration. Without a signal booster, I2C drops voltage very rapidly -in fact, despite the simplicity of the RS-232 interface, real trustworthy strength is only out to about 8 meters, especially with magnetic chokes and dampers on the signal wire. You can get a signal booster, of course ... but it's a specialized piece of equipment that is designed solely to boost the signal for I2C devices on RJ-12 cabling. How easy will this be to replace when it breaks down ten years from now and I can no longer order I2C components off the internet?

On the other hand, RS-485 is excellent out to 4000+ feet of sensor wire. You can implement it for anything you would use I2C for. It has a wide variety of EMF and optical isolation options. RS-485 is almost always available on at least one of the COM ports of an embedded PC.

I did an experiment with an RS-485 mini-dumb-terminal in 2004 with around 16 meters of cabling and it worked fine. This was back when I was planning on using the Rabbit 2000 for the Vault-OS ThinkBoy.

I also found it was easy to configure a COM port on my current workstation to do RS-485 and read/write to it. Almost as easy as RS-232 communications. So I'm going to have to research this a bit, do some experiments and see what actually is up and working over long signal cables.

The thing about RS-485 is that once you know how it works, you can essentially always cadge something together that will be a properly behaved slave on the token ring with nothing more than say a PIC chip, Basic Stamp or even a tiny microcontroller like the PICAxe. Even if the electronics store never opens again.

UPDATE : I may have found a cheap booster circuit consisting of three transistors, two diodes and a few resistors for I2C. Have to try it to see if it works.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Britain Implodes In MultiKult Megacollapse

Just that quick. If you blinked, you would have missed it.

The people who recently fled South Africa to Britain are now discovering that they should not have unpacked any of their moving crates.

Britain is swiftly turning into the apocalyptic hellhole that Vault-Co has been saying it would for over a decade. Soon it will be worse than any scenario we have previously painted.

Many people are wondering where there is left to run to. They have surrendered every inch of ground they had as living space. The truth is, Mother Nature deals harshly indeed with animals who readily give ground who otherwise have no plan.

For those of you who believe in absurd conspiracy theories around Britain as the home of the illuminati, consider this proof that the illuminati are neither very bright nor really in control of anything at all.

Destroying is easy. Anybody can do it. Creating is a little harder.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Scream, I Scream, We ALL Scream For Ice Cream

If any of the globo-warmthinkers were actually bright enough to understand what a second Ice Age means to the seven billion people on this planet, they would spontaneously crap down their own legs in raw terror.

I have been trying to explain to people for ten years the Earth is not a greenhouse

Alaskan summer never made an appearance

Palin got her family out just in time for warmer climes.

UPDATE : Rise of the DRUIDS! What's next, juries giving the thumbs up to human sacrifice?

Galveston II : Return Of The Sunspot Anomaly

The last time Galveston was destroyed, observers had noticed a wide variety of premonitions in the environment of all kinds including a strange dearth of sunspots a few weeks prior.

What this is going to do to oil production in this region is difficult to estimate right now. If it is anything like what people suspect then the 'Kwa is going to see a huge jump in oil prices again.

Although America was once one of the most self-sufficient nations in history, today it is an island of shopping malls and food courts with almost no internal production or manufacturing. Everything comes into it from the outside and since it is now hemmed in on three fronts and has lost control of the Panama Canal they are really at the complete and utter mercy of arbitrary acts of nature. It would take so little to starve them all to death it is nearly incidental.

The 9-11 Solution : Forbidden Video

If you didn't watch this earlier, you really should now.

There's a reason this particular video is not permitted on Google, YouTube or anywhere else. Some 9-11 speculation is okay obviously but there are some videos that just say too much altogether.

Honestly, watch this thing and think about what you are seeing. It's better than watching WTC 7 fall in six seconds at gravity speed symmetrically.

Venezuela : Russian Staging Area For Bombers

The John Birch Society was right. About everything. If you're smart, you know facts talk and bullsh*t walks. You can make all the knee-jerk conspiracy theory jokes you want except for the fact that you were wrong and the John Birch Society got it right. Besides, the JBS pointed out the reason that all critics of the regime were called conspiracy theorists is that there was a conspiracy to discredit conspiracy theories so conspiracists wouldn't get caught caught conspiring.

The John Birch Society accurately foresaw almost all the major geopolitical trends of this and the previous century. They were just so far ahead of their time that two generations later of dumbed down Amerikwans don't even know what the John Birch Society was. The JBS got that right too - they predicted if patriots didn't fight back their children would be too stupid to remember what the struggle was about. Right again.

The JBS knew that communists in South America would provide the facilities and resources needed to fight nuclear WW3 against America for Russia/China and to serve as the invasion spike with boots on the ground that would cut the United States into two pieces, both with personnel in place before and after the war broke out. Back when nobody cared about migrant farm workers, the JBS suggested a large hispanic population sympathetic to socialism in all forms would infiltrate the country and turn out to be quislings once the conflict got underway.

Venezuela Kicks Out U.S. Embassy!!!!

No nukes on this maiden flight. Not yet, anyway. Vault-Co predicts they'll be shuttled down there like sausages in the coming months.

Russia Arming Venezuela in Anticipation of an Expected U.S. Invasion?

America in decline and the wolves are all gathering

This will be one unified front from now on - South America & Russia

No oil left in the world for the 'Kwa, it's all tied up

Everybody knows the score excepting the dumbass Kwanzans

So much for Fukiyama's end of history and globalist paradise. Looks like it will be old skool nature, red of tooth and claw, no mercy for the weak and a return to the Dark Ages. The only twist in this that is anything new is that this time the barbarians will be packing nuclear cruise missiles and EMP pulse bombs.

The 'Kwa : Hellish Landscape of the Damned

Does this country have anything left to do in order to confirm it's status as a gigantic Cecille B. DeMille set with millions of extras doing the big orgy scene before the brimstone climax?

I don't think there is anything left to do.

I'm going to pretend I work in God's bureaucracy and it's my job to report to him on the status of this damned nation. What am I going to say?

All the boxes for total hopelessly depraved degeneracy seemed to be checked off in order. I've monitored their culture, their music, their speech and their character as human beings, I can honestly report that these critters are without redeeming features of any kind. I know ultimately the judgement will lie with the Lord, but I am submitting that if action is not taken soon, heaven is obligated to issue a public apology to Sodom and Gomorrah and a possible lawsuit for reparations may be in the cards.

If the Lord God is just, merciful and fair, (and he is all these things many millions of times over) then the day has come for him to release his wrath on this greasy abhorrent prevert pit called the 'Kwa. Those Sodomites are ready for cookin' up some heavenly barbecue.

Another Relic of The Ancients - In Space

Looks like the International Space Station is going to be dead in the water soon - or dead in space, anyway. The money and means to keep it functioning are vanishing.

I envy another civilization finding it ten thousand years from now if it stays in orbit - they'll have the proof we never stumbled over that there were previous civilizations as sophisticated as their own.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin Charged Victims For Their Own Rape Kits

Wow. That's heavy, heavy stuff.

You could always prosecute somebody for a false claim if police thought it was warranted.

Sending a woman a bill for her rape pathology test?

That's cold. Really, really cold blooded.

Gosh, Obama (whom I despise) is starting to almost look like the less-reptilian choice of these two candidates.

The 'Kwa is a Third World Dump / Generic Hellhole

The government now freely arrests and imprisons simply where there is protest of any kind present. It doesn't matter what the protest is about.

Amerikwa is a more communist country than the Soviet Union and Red China put together.

Return To Feudalism For the 'Kwa

Going to sell the crumbling infrastructure so road bandits can intercept you and demand payments to get from your house to the outside world.

Destroying a Decade's Worth of Evidence

Trying to make sure there will be a hard case for any prosecutions at the Hague when and if.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The New Maginot Line

Excellent, must-read analysis.

That analogy has never occurred to me before but it is stunningly accurate in terms of what Vault-Co has been saying about missile defense for ten years.

The enemy simply pursues an alternative strategy and it is usually by the time the defender has overcommitted so vigorously to one solution they cannot alter their own strategy.

The Toggle : Record Cooling Across The Globe

Everywhere you see it reported honestly in the media, you will also see the reporter try to draw some conclusions. Invariably, their brain fails them miserably. If my dog could speak I would expect more abstract reasoning power from his tiny noggin than is commonly seen in the media.

Every journalist mentions this as a serious concern.

That's a bit of an understatement.

Unless somebody is bringing food in from another planet on interstellar barges, things are going to get a bit dicey down here real soon.

You just can't go much more than a few years with bad agricultural harvest before you hit the bottom of the barrel, period, finito. Like a game of musical chairs, if you don't have food stored or growing in your own garden then you are automatically out of the game. That won't be any ordinary garden, either, or it will suffer the same fate as the rest of the widescale corporate farming solution.

The Usual Suspects In the Educational System

It's funny how the failure of our educational system and the very necessity that created the push for a "National Curriculum" was borne out of the absolute domination of education by people like Professor Macintyre for the past fifty years ... and yet here he is again, like flipping over a stone and finding a cockroach you can't kill no matter how many traps you put down.

I've had jobs for the government where the previous project had apparently ended in disastrous ruin ... during my first week I have found out that most of the current employees were hired off the old failed project and have simply begun duplicating the tragedy all over again. Same ideas, same approach, same methods, same result. Worst of all, none of those people from the old project were willing to admit they had failed in their previous attempt and claimed the real problem was that the government terminated the project ... after they had spent a hundred million dollars trying to implement a system that was 90% completed as open source on the internet somewhere.

I believe the government should eliminate all communists or ex-communists from holding any positions in education. To ban immigration from people because they once belonged to radical Islamic groups but to continue to hire communists who clearly have loyalties to supranational political movements and allegiances to radical subversive political causes that seek to subvert the Australian Constitution is insane.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Maunder Minimum Arrives For Britain

Britain skipped summer this year and last year.

That's called an ice age.

When snow remained unmelted through to September, that's the start of glaciation.

All those multikult mouths to feed in a bitter winter that lasts 12000 years. I predict whitey will be the first on the skillet.


What's spookier than a society full of signs like these? (I have been noting this phenomenon since the earliest part of the 1990's)

People who don't notice anything wRoNg, who constitute about 90% of the population.

Try it the next time you see one of these signs and invite your companion to tell you what is wrong with it. You'll usually get a blank stare and a shrug.

"More Communist Than China"

According to Rogers Holding CEO Jim Rogers, the answer is yes.

America is more communist than China is right now,” Rogers told CNBC Europe’s “Squawk Box Europe” September 8. “You can at least have a free market in housing and a lot of other things in China. And you can see that this is welfare for the rich. This is socialism for the rich. It’s bailing out the financiers, the banks, the Wall Streeters."

Rogers, known for launching the Quantum Fund with left-wing heavyweight George Soros, said the bailout was not benefiting homeowners or helping average citizens improve their standing for a home mortgage.

It’s not bailing out the homeowners who are in trouble, by the way,” Rogers said. “It’s not bailing out people who want a mortgage – it’s just bailing out financial institutions. This is not my idea of the way things are supposed to be, but if that’s what America wants, you know, it can elect people who are going to do it. I think it’s a mistake.”

The 9-11 Solution : Censored By Google

If you've never seen this before, you're in for a treat. I was going to link to it a while back and found it was pulled down everywhere.

Apparently they had the equivalent of "infomercial" actors placed on the street on the day of the attack on 9-11 just waiting to be cued to speak their lines.

Listen to that guy. Would you buy an ab-pump off this guy at one a.m. in the morning with that corny, fake dialogue?

Another oldie but goodie, reprinted here for fun : What did Ahmadinejad really say to Mike Wallace? You'll never know, because the interview was carefully edited to make sure you never heard it. Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace are not good scots, by the way, although they play them on television. They both hold dual citizenship in a nation with interests in this region, strangely enough.

McCain The Insane : A Hair Trigga Nigga

That's a real face made by Spittin' John. A real face. This guy goes atomic over a hangnail or a bad prize in a cereal box.

I can't stand Obama either but I have to tell you, McCain is exactly the sort of guy I could see blowing up and giving orders impulsively that would cause massive escalation in a tight situation with the Russians and Chinese leading to thermomonuclear war. I don't know what they did to him in that P.O.W. camp but I would guess it filled him with impotent rage he has never been able to sate.

This election really offers no choice at all. You can't win with either of these circus sideshows. You got the crackhead or cracked in the head. It's all downhill from this point.

Amerikwa Is A Fragmented State of Strangers

Block by block in Civil War II, you will have to consult a street guide to even know which group is shooting at you right now and if you should shoot back. It will be Hobbes' war of all against all. There will be nothing but chaos and murder and a thousand different competing ethnicities trying to kill one another for reasons that themselves will be long forgotten.

Kiss The Power Grid Goodbye in WW3

Been hearing about these things for years. Apparently they keep getting smaller and smaller and some reports say they will be deployed like cluster bombs over a country, each of them frying anything and everything connected to more than a few meters of wire.

Britwannia : All Slaves Will Work Until Death

Yeah, enough of that lying about, you seventy year olds! Raus! Raus! Work makes free, old man!! Put your back into it or we will melt you down for glue!

Get yourself a magic marker and write across the map of Britain, HYAR BE DRAGONES. Cuz it's gone, people. There is no more Britain.

Hardcore Commie Intervention! Yay! We're Saved!

I'll explain this to those of you who don't understand economics. The government bailed out their own institution, sinking with the falling dollar and debts many trillions of times that which could be repaid in your lifetime, by printing more of those dollars and purchasing their own institution with the same funny money that was causing it to collapse. This means that communism works, we can all escape the coming world war by crawling inside our own belly buttons and the government is the best manager of all things in life. If that doesn't make sense to you, it's because you have not yet crawled through your own brain like in BEING JOHN MALKOVITCH in some weird self-referential funk.

A bad debtor will rescue itself by giving permission to itself to be rescued by itself. Don't believe me? Here, have a wad of ZOGBux. Here's some more. I'll print some more off if that doesn't convince you my fiat currency is sound. I have paid off all my own debts by printing off paper which in fact is incurring debt to the Federal Reserve. See how all that works? You must not be watching enough televitz!

Before communists took over our institutions, they used to call their pervert economics "capitalism," after which they then called it "free markets." This was all called these names because everybody knew communism had failed, so calling it communism (it was really trotskyist corporate socialism) would mean their ideas were failures, so they called it "free markets" instead, so that when this communism failed they could blame it all on the shortcomings of the free market system.

Amerikwa hasn't had free markets in sixty years. One wonders how she might have done if she had.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Russia-US Confrontation Now Appears Inevitable

Sure jump on the bandwagon. Now everybody's a prophet who saw it coming.

"Humanitarian aid" is goading Russians into conflict with U.S.

The Lingering Greatness From A Defunct Civilization

This is a list of fifty ways that NASA has changed the world since their heyday fifty years ago. It could have just as easily been a list of five hundred ways they have changed the world.

NASA today looks like an affirmative action hiring center gone horribly wrong. It is largely composed of semiliterate morons and porn-surfing cretins who can barely speak in complete sentences. With the exception of a few of the old diehards who still form the nucleus of the continually waning core, NASA has long since become nothing but a holding tank for sociopath careerists who hope to earn their way into an ambassador slot somewhere. All the fire has long since gone out in that decaying shell in Florida.

I recently spoke to an old timer who had emigrated out of the U.S. back in the 90's after he got canned from his job at NASA for whistleblowing the fudging of standards, particularly the Hubble Space Telescope. He said NASA today is largely run out of trailers parked near crumbling megalithic structures abandoned many years ago for lack of funding and the will to maintain them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Urban Prairie : Glimpse of the Post-Apocalyptic

Vast swaths of the American heartland are being reclaimed by the wild. As the remaining serfs are forced into the cities like herded animals, the real animals take over their former neighborhoods and homes where they once had a life beyond that of mere work and rent. All that is lost to the past now.

America is now a "company town."

The new socialist man that is being bred in the 'Kwa will have no dreams and no desires beyond that of keeping his job, doing as he is told and making his rent each week until he dies amidst a crowded mad mass of fellow slaves. Such beasts have no need for their own territory and communities outside of the megaslums being constructed for them in the inner metropolis.

No place to hide from the coming economic collapse for the Kwa

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's so great about this dinosaur called GEOS?

Are you wondering why I chose a thirty year old operating system to run on all my PCs in the shelter? You probably think I'm either cracked or completely deluded.

Can you handle the mindboggling, skullshattering truth?

My platform for Vault-OS is one of the most awesome secrets in the history of microcomputing. I am scared to tell you the real story for fear you will find it Arcane's most astonishing tall tale of them all.

First of all, "GEOs" isn't really "GEOs." It was formerly a realtime multitasking military/industrial grade embedded system platform for the Cold War that was originally called "SkyTray." It only trickled down into the popular market through a series of bizarre accidents, each one of them contributing to hide the true origins of this marvelous, amazing operating system.

Read the link and you'll learn some of the story but not all of it. I'll save that for another post. First confirm I know what I am talking about and then I'll dish out the real goss on this platform, which I am coming to believe was intended by God to end up the OS of civil defense shelters worldwide.

Amerikwa Had Their Chance At Two Great Men

I will show you why the Kwans have earned what is going to happen to them.

If they wanted an extraordinary black man to be President, they had a perfectly good Christian genius on offer. They passed.

They had a baby doctor and a freeman after the spirit of the founders. They passed.

The truth is, Lot came through looking for ten good men and he couldn't find even ten. They would have the angels come out to them so they could know them.

What they got is what they bought. It's their wages due. Remember that when you see Vault-Co was right about the fate that lay in wait for them.

I Want The Kwa To Elect Barack #2

I knew fools like this in New York City. Somebody is trying to promote this idiot to his level of incompetency. This man is not fit to run a newsstand, much less the United States.

It's not that I think McCain is any prize. I believe if the Kwans elect Obama, it will be living proof of what Vault-Co has been saying for years and years.

The problem is not with their leaders.

The problem is with the Amerikwan people themselves. They're the ones who elect these idiots.

That's not a dilemma you can vote your way out of. The problem itself is that you're voting and you shouldn't be. The Kwans are the ones lacking the competency to govern their own lives so how in the hell is somebody else going to do it for them?

Rather, from freedom back into tyranny and then back into bondage.

I Want The Kwa To Elect Barack

Check out this rocket scientist he picked for his Vice President.

I guarantee you that Vladimir Putin will laugh himself cross-eyed if these guys are designated as the Kwa's new "leadership." The rock soldiers of the Russian government against a crackhead and a lush. It's the equivalent of an instant forfeit by Amerikwan civilization in coming years.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nyquist On the Rebarbarization of the West

“With you, they all threaten to disappear together. Where trade and manufactures are wanting to a people, and the spirit of nobility and religion remains, sentiment supplies, and not always ill supplies, their place; but if commerce and the arts should be lost in an experiment to try how well a state may stand without these old fundamental principles, what sort of a thing must be a nation of gross, stupid, ferocious, and, at the same time, poor and sordid, barbarians, destitute of religion, honour, or manly pride, possessing nothing at present, and hoping nothing hereafter?”

- Edmund Burke

North Korea Shocker - whooda thunkit?

Vault-Co, about fifty times in 2007-2008.

Whiteys in The Kwan : Sort Of Pathetic and Sad

Biden hasn't been sober in twenty years.

I can't believe anybody would select this idiot for his running mate. It's the first major decision in his life he's ever had to make and Obama stuffed it up in a major way, which is pretty much what you can expect for each decision he will ever make. This is why I am rooting for him to get elected, because I know this guy will be like a one-man commie demolition crew going through what's left of Kwanzania.

There are white guys in the U.S. who are not ridiculous clowns, but they don't permit them on the televitz if they can help it.

The Heat Death of Western Civilization

Bell Labs has closed down it's fundamental physics research labs. They were basically the cornerstone of the innovation that gave birth to our entire era.

What are we now again? A nation of "service providers?" What's that? Did anybody ever want any of this or was it something imposed on us from the outside? Who came up with this horrible paradigm of what our nations were about and what we should be relegated to seeking and doing with our lives? Is any of this what people really wanted for anything or is it the most hideous of futures our ancestors could have conceived of? Who made this globalist garbage the only legitimate goal of our existence? There's something terribly wrong about all of this. The world has certainly gone awry. Our innermost being cries out that something is amiss ... but even the vocabulary for these ills has been erased from the common tongue. That's the worst kind of slavery of them all.

What happens during the Maunder Minimum?

Nothing like what you think.

In my experience, sometimes men say "I'm awake now. I've woken up." They never do, though. Most have just stirred in their slumber or gone from dreams to nightmares. They are never really awake, though.

This isn't a "Little Ice Age." It's something else. That's just the way people try to cope when it starts to dawn on them that billions of them don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The Maunder Minimum is the worst possible thing that could happen at the worst possible time to our little planet. It's almost enough to make you think somebody up there has it in for us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Only Real News That Concerns You

The Maunder Minimum Has Arrived

If you know anybody besides Vault-Co, a few eccentrics and Robert Felix who saw this coming nearly 8 years in advance, please post a link to their site on this thread and we'll add it to the listening posts.

Now everybody wants to pretend they saw it coming

Except they don't know what Vault-Co knows. They pretend to be well read on this subject, because they need their grant checks to keep flowing so they can pay their mortgages. Here at Vault-Co we read extensively without any cash motivating our interest or conclusions. We just stick to the facts and ignore the consensus.

That's why we know something these guys don't know. This is a crest of a crest of a crest of a crest. This is the big tamale, not just a Little Ice Age. This is the end of an interglacial inside of three other interglacials in terms of solar output. That means go hydroponic hothouse or die.

The Sun is as smooth as a baby's bottom

Everything else is just a side effect. Nuclear war, crop failures, ensuing famine, resource conflicts, widescale migrations of refugees - this is merely an effect. It is confusing the branch of the tree with the root. The Apocalypse Trifecta we have spoken of for a decade means this happens with the worst possible timing for Western civilization.

Australian Researchers say the time has come for Earth to chill out

Magnetic reversal is imminent. Topside, when the earth's magnetic shield subsides for weeks or even months, anything not underground will cook like an egg from radiation, which should be a pleasant change after years of freezing.

Behind closed doors, scientists are getting really, really scared. Really scared. How do you tell the sheeple consumer units that the sun is going to take a nap for about 12000 years? Can you slip that in at the end of Oprah? Put it as a blurb on the bottom of the credits for porno films? How do you break news like that to the idiocracy?