Monday, September 8, 2008


What's spookier than a society full of signs like these? (I have been noting this phenomenon since the earliest part of the 1990's)

People who don't notice anything wRoNg, who constitute about 90% of the population.

Try it the next time you see one of these signs and invite your companion to tell you what is wrong with it. You'll usually get a blank stare and a shrug.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for headlining this story for me. It is simply too important (and too funny) to leave in the comment section of another blog.

Idiocracy was art imitating life. The future is already here.

Anonymous said...

Part II:

For anyone who think Miss Teen South Carolina was just performing poorly under pressure, I give you:

Anonymous said...

The Underground History of American Education (free to read online) is also a great read.