Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Want The Kwa To Elect Barack #2

I knew fools like this in New York City. Somebody is trying to promote this idiot to his level of incompetency. This man is not fit to run a newsstand, much less the United States.

It's not that I think McCain is any prize. I believe if the Kwans elect Obama, it will be living proof of what Vault-Co has been saying for years and years.

The problem is not with their leaders.

The problem is with the Amerikwan people themselves. They're the ones who elect these idiots.

That's not a dilemma you can vote your way out of. The problem itself is that you're voting and you shouldn't be. The Kwans are the ones lacking the competency to govern their own lives so how in the hell is somebody else going to do it for them?

Rather, from freedom back into tyranny and then back into bondage.

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