Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Heat Death of Western Civilization

Bell Labs has closed down it's fundamental physics research labs. They were basically the cornerstone of the innovation that gave birth to our entire era.

What are we now again? A nation of "service providers?" What's that? Did anybody ever want any of this or was it something imposed on us from the outside? Who came up with this horrible paradigm of what our nations were about and what we should be relegated to seeking and doing with our lives? Is any of this what people really wanted for anything or is it the most hideous of futures our ancestors could have conceived of? Who made this globalist garbage the only legitimate goal of our existence? There's something terribly wrong about all of this. The world has certainly gone awry. Our innermost being cries out that something is amiss ... but even the vocabulary for these ills has been erased from the common tongue. That's the worst kind of slavery of them all.

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