Monday, September 8, 2008

Hardcore Commie Intervention! Yay! We're Saved!

I'll explain this to those of you who don't understand economics. The government bailed out their own institution, sinking with the falling dollar and debts many trillions of times that which could be repaid in your lifetime, by printing more of those dollars and purchasing their own institution with the same funny money that was causing it to collapse. This means that communism works, we can all escape the coming world war by crawling inside our own belly buttons and the government is the best manager of all things in life. If that doesn't make sense to you, it's because you have not yet crawled through your own brain like in BEING JOHN MALKOVITCH in some weird self-referential funk.

A bad debtor will rescue itself by giving permission to itself to be rescued by itself. Don't believe me? Here, have a wad of ZOGBux. Here's some more. I'll print some more off if that doesn't convince you my fiat currency is sound. I have paid off all my own debts by printing off paper which in fact is incurring debt to the Federal Reserve. See how all that works? You must not be watching enough televitz!

Before communists took over our institutions, they used to call their pervert economics "capitalism," after which they then called it "free markets." This was all called these names because everybody knew communism had failed, so calling it communism (it was really trotskyist corporate socialism) would mean their ideas were failures, so they called it "free markets" instead, so that when this communism failed they could blame it all on the shortcomings of the free market system.

Amerikwa hasn't had free markets in sixty years. One wonders how she might have done if she had.

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