Thursday, September 11, 2008

Galveston II : Return Of The Sunspot Anomaly

The last time Galveston was destroyed, observers had noticed a wide variety of premonitions in the environment of all kinds including a strange dearth of sunspots a few weeks prior.

What this is going to do to oil production in this region is difficult to estimate right now. If it is anything like what people suspect then the 'Kwa is going to see a huge jump in oil prices again.

Although America was once one of the most self-sufficient nations in history, today it is an island of shopping malls and food courts with almost no internal production or manufacturing. Everything comes into it from the outside and since it is now hemmed in on three fronts and has lost control of the Panama Canal they are really at the complete and utter mercy of arbitrary acts of nature. It would take so little to starve them all to death it is nearly incidental.


Anonymous said...

Yes I've read reports about gas prices increasing already. Should be interesting to see what the damage will be.


Anonymous said...

Do you think sustainable autarky is the best thing for a country?

Texas Arcane said...

Absolutely. An autarky in it's most ideal form is a Republic.

America was great when it was a Republic. Now it's nothing much of anything, not even a nation anymore.