Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Pay More Than $15.00 for a Thin Client!

Very cool rant stating the obvious. These things are pouring onto the world market and they are dirt-cheap. I got two of them when I saved them from a corporate dumpster in the city.
In five minutes, given a working Thin Client OS utilizing DHCP and ICA protocol, you can have this terminal running in your greenhouse/permaculture lab, storage bay/silo, main shelter or various support facilities. From there it can act as an industrial automation controller/sensor hub, run client-server, realtime speech and security camera monitor, intercom VOIP system, visualization tools, archive retrieval, information delivery mechanism ... if you can think of it and it runs in Windows it will probably run on a thin client at a good clip, too. No maintenance, zero support, just plug'n'play. At these prices you can buy a lot of spares.
If you can figure out how to rewrite the base software package in flash ram, you can add a standalone windowed system like Breadbox Ensemble or 98Lite if the network goes down or you ever want to work offline on something.

As the guy says in the article, the whole point of the exercise is to never have to worry about it again after you've plugged it in.


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