Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coup De Grace

Why does Vault-Co always have that smug assured look all the time? Do we know something that everybody else doesn't? What makes us so darn certain the economic damage has not even begun yet?


We know they are leveraged against debt instruments and debt instruments are vaporized as a form of capital in the West. If debt instruments represent zero value, what happens to those derivatives that are all interconnected in vast trees of lunacy purporting to represent value?

That long drawn out screaming noise is the western financial system plunging earthward without a safety net.

AIG To Be Next Into The Hopper!

The Panic is Starting Now.

AIG will be extinction level event for the Kwa

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trueaim said...

God has an economic system based on silver and gold, the jews have an economic system based on digits printed on toilet paper.

A couple of moronic clueless generations go by and whooshka, a of bit jewish slight of hand and you got paper and no gold.