Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Black Seas are getting a little dicey

The Navy continues to be really important in war ... if you're preparing to fight World War II. Unfortunately, Kwans, this is World War III. The Navy is just a quick way to sink a lot of metal to the ocean floor in the modern era.

The ever-growing nightmare of the third World War

The neocon plan for everything failed miserably

Everything about neocons is incompetent in all regards

U.S. determined to prod Russians into nuking them They won't drop it. Subconsciously, they want to die and take everyone else with them.

The Russian stealth cruise missile easily defeats the "defense shield" technology

Maybe some people think a grand fiery Ragnarok is better than hobo destitution.

Britain is finished, might as well finish themselves off

America too. Time to turn off the lights and go home.

Squeeze all the nations in, we got room for everybody


Anonymous said...

A deeper article on the Russia-West divide:

trueaim said...

Yep the party is over for the ZionistWest, sheeple do understand one thing- "Your Fired", when sheeple hear those words they quickly start fumbling round for their car keys and want to leave the party. A credit binge hangover dosen't last a couple of days either, it lasts about a decade and always involves war.

Thanx Tex! very informative material!