Wednesday, August 20, 2008

World War III : The Inevitable War

Russia withdraws completely from NATO.

Russians dig in like it's East Berlin in Georgia

Russia cancels Navy visit by the 'Kwa

Sheeple begin to realize the Cold War never ended at all

Pack your rice. Itz coming.

Everybody knows itz coming. The only people without shelters are the sheeple and they're still waiting for the globalist utopian multicult paradise. You people just keep looking up and praying to Francis Fukiyama, I'm sure the secular rapture will be along any minute now.

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trueaim said...

Russia has a long history of swallowing whole entire armies, who when full of the 'pride of life' decided to march into the northern cave of the Bear, only to be smartly 'unzipped' by a very angry bear, their bones then used to make fertlizer for the soil of the motherland of Russia, are we going to see a replay?